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59,000 per instance
Buying runes from Lundail
Profit per instanceMage Arena bank.png
Activity time
60 minutes
Minimum recurrence time
84 minutes
Effective profit
59,000 per hour
Skill requirementsQuest requirements
Item requirementsOther requirements
A knife or a slashing weapon
Elite Wilderness Diary (lower is still helpful)
Experience gainedLocation
NoneMage Arena Bank
Inputs (138,000)Outputs (197,000)
138,000 × Coins 100.png Coins (138,000)500 × Nature rune.png Nature rune (106,500)500 × Cosmic rune.png Cosmic rune (90,500)
Lundail's rune shop is a popular spot for players to restock on runes and possibly sell them for a small profit. Players will have to go through the deep Wilderness to reach him at Mage Arena, so it is strongly advised to bring nothing more than a knife or a slashing weapon to cut through the webs. From the Deserted Keep, which is accessed by pulling the Edgeville or Ardougne lever, go north through the webs and head west.

Due to this shop's popularity, the rune supply is usually low, so players will have to hop around to find an available world with runes. It will take several tries.

It is recommended to use the market price as a hallmark. If the GE price is higher than Lundail's price, it's worth it to keep buying from him until price equilibrium is met. At the moment, the GE prices for nature runes and cosmic runes are 213 coins and 181 coins respectively, so price equilibrium occurs when both the GE and Lundail's prices (225 and 51 respectively) match up.

Additionally, if players have at least completed the easy Wilderness tasks, they can collect random, free runes from him every 24 hours, resetting at 00:00 GMT. The number depends on how many of the Wilderness tasks the player has completed: 10 with the easy ones completed, 20 with the medium, 30 with the hard, and 50 with the elite tasks completed.

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