Buying team capes

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Buying team capes
RequirementsTeam-46 cape detail.png
25,000+ recommended
ProfitExperience gained
Inputs (272,762)Outputs (344,000)
225,037 × Coins 100.png Coins (225,037)83 × Energy potion(4).png Energy potion(4) (47,725)4,000 × Team-26 cape.png Team-26 cape (344,000)

Team capes are items bought from several cape merchants. The merchants sell the capes starting for 50 gp each, however, on the Grand Exchange they can go for thousands of coins. The reason they are so sought after is because clans will buy them for clan battles and because players will die so much they need to stock up so they can re-gear. Players will buy the capes in bulk to stock up and this causes a price spike for certain capes, especially during the weekend, when clan battles tend to happen. The strategy of this money maker is to get from 50-1500 gp (1500 will buy a full inventory of capes from a full stock). Then you need to decide which store you are going to buy from. Check the team capes wiki page here. This will let you know which cape is currently selling for the most and so you will want to prioritize buying that cape first.

A Wilderness map depicting where each seller is.

Something to keep in mind is that capes will rise and fall and price depending on if the cape is in use, however, even if no clan is buying the cape it will still be worth more than the 50 gp you paid for it. If your team cape stops selling at a high price you may need to drop the price to adjust for changes in the market. If your cape is selling instantly, try selling it at a bit of a higher price to maximise profit.

The Cape merchants are located in the wilderness and so this is a dangerous activity. You can die and lose your items in the wilderness to other players so look out for player killers. Keep in mind that when you die you will only be losing at most the 1400 that you invested which is a relatively small loss. Even still if you want to maximise profit you should try this method during non-peak playing times to lower your chance of running into another player.

As you start to accumulate gp you can increase your total gp per hour by investing in energy potions. These will restore your run energy and therefore decrease the amount of time it takes you to run from the bank to a Cape merchant. Another strategy is to consider changing worlds when you buy out the cape sellers stock. Finally something to consider is to bring your own pk gear in order to try and kill other players buying capes or found along the way; this will also allow you to defend yourself from other pkers.

The following table assumes that you will be buying the cape with the highest GE value and you will be buying from a full stock as the price the merchant sells the cape for will go up as their stock gets bought. You want to prioritize the closest seller who has the most expensive capes.

Merchant Approx. Round
Trip Time(min)
Highest Value Cape GE Price Profit/hr
Edmond 5:00 Team-38 cape.png Team-38 cape 468 133,404
Sam 3:00 Team-20 cape.png Team-20 cape 288 125,140
Neil 4:00 Team-17 cape.png Team-17 cape 300 98,715
Ian 5:00 Team-12 cape.png Team-12 cape 450 127,572
Larry 3:00 Team-43 cape.png Team-43 cape 277 119,200
Simon 3:00 Team-9 cape.png Team-9 cape 248 103,540
William 5:30 Team-11 cape.png Team-11 cape 491 128,051
Richard 0:24 Team-26 cape.png Team-26 cape 86 120,450
Edward >7 Team-15 cape.png Team-15 cape 408 81,403
Darren >10 Team-24 cape.png Team-24 cape 520 75,126

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