Carving maple logs into arrow shafts

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Carving Maple logs into arrow shafts
RequirementsKnife.png + Maple logs.png = Arrow shaft 1.png
Fletching 45

200,000+ recommended
1x Knife
Maple logs

ProfitExperience gained
82,582Fletching 32,400
Inputs (14,618)Outputs (97,200)
1 × Knife.png Knife (38)1,620 × Maple logs.png Maple logs (14,580)97,200 × Arrow shaft 5.png Arrow shaft (97,200)

Arrow shafts are created by using a knife on Logs. This can be done from level 1, but better logs provide more arrow shafts as their yield. Beginning with Willow logs, this can be slightly profitable, but with Maple logs, the profit margin increases substantially.

To start with, test the profit of making one batch of arrow shafts; buy one set of maple logs and a knife if needed from the Grand Exchange. Carve the logs by using the knife on the maple logs, and sell the resulting 60 arrow shafts.

An inventory of 27 logs takes approximately 50 seconds to complete, so players can expect to carve one inventory a minute, accounting for banking time. This results in 1620 logs carved per hour.

Headless Arrows

If desired, these arrow shafts can be combined with feathers, to be made into headless arrows.

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