Casting Spin Flax

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Spinning flax
RequirementsSpin Flax.gif
Magic 76
Staff of air
Astral rune
Nature rune
Lunar Diplomacy
Lunar Spellbook
ProfitExperience gained
−21,735 Magic 77,625
Crafting 77,625
Inputs (420,210)Outputs (398,475)
5,175 × Flax.png Flax (25,875)1,035 × Astral rune.png Astral rune (85,905)2,070 × Nature rune.png Nature rune (308,430)5,175 × Bow string.png Bow string (398,475)

Flax is used to make a Bow string which is used for training Fletching, making the item in wide demand. Using the spell Spin Flax is a less tedious way to make those bow strings rather than spinning them at a Spinning wheel, often allowing for low profit while also gaining decent Crafting and Magic experience at the same time.

To make bow strings as effectively as possible, withdraw all Astral and Nature runes from your bank and have one bow string and the stack of flax in your bank. Fill your bank with bank fillers and move the flax next to deposit inventory button, this will allow for quicker banking overall. It is possible to bank during the 5th cast to allow for non-stop casting of the spell.

Step 1. Withdraw your 25 Flax from the bank. Step 2. Cast Spin Flax 5 times. Step 3. Click the bank and deposit your inventory and withdraw another 25 Flax Step 4. Press ESC and repeat step 1-4.

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