Casting Tan Leather

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Casting Tan Leather
RequirementsTan Leather.gif
Magic 78
Lunar Diplomacy
Lunar Spellbook
Completion of the hard Fremennik Diary
ProfitExperience gained
382,400Magic 129,600
Inputs (17,761,600)Outputs (18,144,000)
1,600 × Nature rune.png Nature rune (292,800)3,200 × Astral rune.png Astral rune (476,800)8,000 × Red dragonhide.png Red dragonhide (16,992,000)8,000 × Red dragon leather.png Red dragon leather (18,144,000)

After completion of both Lunar Diplomacy and the hard Fremennik Diary, players can use the Lunar spell, Tan Leather, for maximum profit by using this method. Players can gain a substantial profit depending on dragonhide prices. This method tans around 8,000 hides per hour while also giving the player approximately Magic 125,000-130,000 experience per hour.

The current cost of the Tan Leather spell is 481 coins (96.2 coins per hide if 5 hides are tanned).

Hide Price Leather Price Difference Spell cost/Hide Profit/Hide
Green dragonhide.png Green dragonhide 1,480 Green dragon leather.png Green dragon leather 1,530 50 96.2 -46.2
Blue dragonhide.png Blue dragonhide 1,703 Blue dragon leather.png Blue dragon leather 1,837 134 96.2 37.8
Red dragonhide.png Red dragonhide 2,124 Red dragon leather.png Red dragon leather 2,268 144 96.2 47.8
Black dragonhide.png Black dragonhide 3,022 Black dragon leather.png Black dragon leather 3,150 128 96.2 31.8

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