Catching anglerfish

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Catching anglerfish
RequirementsRaw anglerfish detail.png
82+ FishingFishing icon.png (95+ recommended)
15 HunterHunter icon.png optional (to dig for sandworms)
100% Piscarilius favour
ProfitExperience gained
238,20018,000 FishingFishing icon.png
Inputs (13,500)Outputs (251,700)
150 × Sandworms.png Sandworms (13,500) Floor price in shop is 90 gp150 × Raw anglerfish.png Raw anglerfish (251,700)

After earning 100% Piscarilius favour, which will take several hours, players can fish anglerfish off the beach shore north of the main docks. Sandworms can be purchased from Tynan's Fishing Supplies nearby or the Grand Exchange, but the latter is more expensive and might take longer.

Since sandworms have a floor price of 90 coins and can be sold as much as 135 each or higher by Tynan, it is recommended to buy one Sandworms pack at a time. Doing so will allow his stock to replenish just in time and keep the price at 90 each. Otherwise, additional coins will be needed to cover inflationary costs.

Players can expect to catch between 75 and 150 anglerfishes each hour predicated on Fishing level. Thus, profits range from 119,100 to 238,200.

Equipping any Rada's blessing will grant the player chance up to 8% to catch two fish at once when equipped which will increase the number of fish caught per hour.

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