Catching dark crabs

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Fishing raw dark crabs
RequirementsRaw dark crab detail.png
Fishing 85+
ProfitExperience gained
240,548Fishing 40,040
Inputs (16,632)Outputs (257,180)
308 × Dark fishing bait.png Dark fishing bait (1,232)15,400 × Coins 100.png Coins (15,400)308 × Raw dark crab.png Raw dark crab (257,180)

Dark crabs are located in the Resource Area and are most easily accessed by using the Edgeville lever. Dark crab fishing spots never move. Fishing dark crabs is very low intensity, but fishers must remain aware of player killers. The elite Wilderness diary greatly improves the catch rate (at level 99, the chance to catch a dark crab increases from 12% to 34% with the diary completed). The listed profit and catch rate per hour is with the diary. Once a full inventory has been caught, the dark crabs should be noted with Piles.

Take three (3) or four (4) expensive defensive equipment items. Dinh's Bulwark is a good choice. Black dragonhide armour is suitable for the remaining slots.

Non-noting strategy[edit | edit source]

Recommended items: Fish barrel, Wilderness sword 4, Cooking cape (optional)

Enabling PK Skull Prevention is strongly recommended.

Open fish barrel.pngLobster pot.pngDark fishing bait.png54

Although still slower than noting the fish, players can catch and bank dark crabs at a fairly fast rate without Piles if using a fish barrel.

In this setup, players equip a Wilderness sword while bringing an inventory consisting of the fish barrel, a lobster pot and 54 dark fishing bait (28 for the barrel and 26 for the inventory). Note that when the last piece of bait is consumed, the last dark crab will fall onto the ground instead of appearing in the players' inventory; quickly pick it up. After filling an inventory and the fish barrel, run to the Deserted Keep, teleport to Edgeville, bank and repeat. Remember to right-click "empty" on the fish barrel when banking.

If players chose, they could cook the dark crabs as part of this process. However, this is not recommended as the gp/hour is lower than dark crabs and dark crabs burn easily without a cooking cape.

Should the player fall victim to a player killer, they will keep any fish stored in their barrel but will lose their dark fishing bait, Wilderness sword and non-stored crabs. As such, it is recommended to collect several inventories of replacement swords from the Lesser Fanatic before employing this strategy.

Note: A dragon or infernal harpoon may be substituted for the Wilderness sword for boosting purposes, but this may slow you down due to the potential to fail the Web slash. Players can instead boost with the harpoon, re-equip the Wilderness sword and bank the former before leaving Edgeville, though unless you are fast the level boost will have decreased by 1 by the time you start fishing.

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