Catching infernal eels

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Catching infernal eels
RequirementsInfernal eel detail.png
80 FishingFishing icon.png (99 recommended)

Completed TzHaar Fight Cave
Completion of easy Karamja Diary tasks (strongly recommended)

ProfitExperience gained
214,892.227,265 FishingFishing icon.png
Inputs (1,148)Outputs (216,040.2)
287 × Fishing bait.png Fishing bait (1,148)17.22 × Onyx bolt tips 5.png Onyx bolt tips (135,245.88)94.71 × Lava scale shard 5.png Lava scale shard (41,482.98)0.02 × Uncut onyx.png Uncut onyx (39,311.34) 4018 Tokkul

These calculations assume around 287 catches an hour. At maximum efficiency and concentration, players are able to catch and process up to 375 eels per hour without tick manipulation.

These calculations are based on having level 99 Fishing and maintaining a moderate amount of efficiency. Assuming the same intensity, a player with level 90 Fishing could expect to catch around 270 eels an hour. Additionally, players could wield their highest available Rada's blessing for up to 8% chance of catching two eels at once. Lastly, access to Karamja gloves 1 is assumed for the significant Tokkul discount (and therefore a higher conversion rate of Tokkul to gp).

The primary source of profit from infernal eels comes from onyx bolt tips, although Lava scale shards and Tokkul are still a sizable amount of profit. The strategy for fishing is simple; whenever the inventory fills, the player uses a hammer on the eels until the inventory is empty, then returns to fishing.

There is no delay on smashing eels so one can spam click to use a hammer on the last eel in the inventory. However, players can simply wait after smashing one eel, as the character will automatically smash the remainder (though it will be at a highly reduced rate). In either case, due to the time it takes for a full inventory of eels, this is considered a very low-attention profit method.

Finally, it may be noted that the gp conversion rate for Tokkul can vary depending on the items purchased. While uncut onyxes maintain a very steady cost, it may not be the best gp conversion for Tokkul available at the time. For more information on the gp to Tokkul conversion rate, see the shops on this page.

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