Catching infernal eels

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Catching infernal eels
RequirementsInfernal eel detail.png
80 FishingFishing icon.png (99 recommended)
Heroes' Quest

Completed TzHaar Fight Cave
Completion of easy Karamja Diary tasks (strongly recommended)

ProfitExperience gained
260,05528,500-35,150 FishingFishing icon.png
Inputs (1,675)Outputs (261,730)
335 x Fishing bait.png: Inventory image of Fishing baitFishing bait (1,675)
20.1 x Onyx bolt tips.png: Inventory image of Onyx bolt tipsOnyx bolt tips (165,704)
110.55 x Lava scale shard.png: Inventory image of Lava scale shardLava scale shard (39,798)
0.02 x Uncut onyx.png: Inventory image of Uncut onyxUncut onyx (56,227) (4,690 Tokkul)

Catching infernal eels and smashing them with a hammer for onyx bolt tips, Lava scale shard, and Tokkul at high Fishing levels this can be very profitable and afk. Using Karamja gloves 1 for a tokkul discount at the gem store the price of an Uncut onyx is only 260,000 tokkul compared to 300,000 without the gloves. Depending on Fishing levels and the amount of afk'ness, players can catch between 300 and 370 eels in an hour, no banking required.

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