Catching lobsters

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Catching lobsters
RequirementsRaw lobster detail.png
Fishing 40+ (60+ recommended)
Lobster pot
60 per trip back and forth if fishing at Musa Point
Fishing 68 (or Fishing 63 with Admiral pie) for Fishing Guild (optional)
ProfitExperience gained
20,597Fishing 19,980
Inputs (493)Outputs (21,090)
493 × Coins 100.png Coins (493) If fishing at Musa Point222 × Raw lobster.png Raw lobster (21,090)

Fishing lobsters at a fairly high level between level 40 and 62 will bring players, especially non-members, a good chunk of money. However, it is not recommended to fish lobsters if a player can fish monkfish because lobsters only bring about 10,545 to 31,635 per hour assuming between 111 and 333 lobsters are caught.

Non-members can catch raw lobsters on Musa Point by heading to Port Sarim with a lobster pot and gold for fare. Speaking to the Seamen, they will ferry you to Musa Point where you can head north-west to reach the fishing pier. After filling an inventory, lobsters can be dropped or they can be deposited in the Port Sarim bank box located by the Monks of Entrana just north-east of the Seamen.

Also non-members that have completed Dragon Slayer I and The Corsair Curse, can use the Corsair Cove Resource Area fishing spots, which are 2 ticks faster than Port Sarim, but have requirements instead.

After the Swan Song quest, members can fish monkfish. This is noticeably quicker than catching lobsters or swordfish, but usually only higher-level players are there due to the requirements of Swan Song. Nonetheless, free players at Musa Point may bank their catches at the bank deposit box at Port Sarim, but it will cost around 540 coins, which will slightly lower the profit, assuming nine roundtrips are made every hour.

You can reach Land's End in the south-west corner of the kingdom of Great Kourend by speaking to Veos on the docks at Port Sarim or on the docks of Port Piscarilius. The west coast of Land's End features a number of different fishing spots, including a lobster spot, and is closer to a bank than Musa Point.

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