Catching lobsters (free-to-play)

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Catching lobsters (free-to-play)
RequirementsCorsair Cove Resource Area.png
Fishing 40+
Lobster pot
The Corsair Curse, Dragon Slayer I
ProfitExperience gained
21,280Fishing 12,600
InputsOutputs (21,280)
140 × Raw lobster.png Raw lobster (21,280)

Raw lobsters (152) are frequently traded due to its use in training the cooking skill. The Corsair Cove Resource Area is a more viable fishing spot for F2P players than Musa Point as they are charged 60gp for every trip from Musa Point to the nearest deposit box (in Port Sarim) and back. To access the fishing spot, players must have completed the quest Dragon Slayer I. The Corsair Curse must be completed in order to unlock the bank at Corsair Cove. Depending on luck and the player's fishing level, the player can expect to catch an average of 140 lobsters per hour.

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