Catching sacred eels

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Catching sacred eels
RequirementsSacred eel detail.png
Fishing 87 (99 recommended)
Cooking 72 (96 recommended)
Talk to High Priestess Zul-Harcinqa
ProfitExperience gained
265,000 Fishing 21,000
~Cooking 24,200
Inputs (1,000)Outputs (266,000)
200 × Fishing bait.png Fishing bait (1,000)1,400 × Zulrah's scales.png Zulrah's scales (266,000)

These calculations assume around 200 catches an hour and 96+ Cooking. At maximum efficiency and concentration, players are able to catch and process up to 260 eels per hour without tick manipulation.

These calculations are based on having level 99 Fishing, 96+ Cooking, and maintaining a moderate level of efficiency. Assuming the same intensity, a player with level 90 Fishing could expect to catch around 180 eels an hour.

Optionally, players may wield their highest available Rada's blessing for up to 8% chance of catching two eels at once. Similarly, players may opt to use Spirit flakes as they will increase the yield by 50%. Neither item provides additional Fishing experience, however, they will increase both profit and Cooking experience and can be stacked.

While the addition of a Pearl fishing rod does not impact catch rate at maximum efficiency, it frees up an additional inventory slot and may be an option worth considering for players who want to reduce intensity. For players without the Pearl fishing rod, a Dragon harpoon can be equipped for use of its special attack, which temporarily boosts the player's Fishing level by 3. Lastly, pieces of the Angler's outfit may be equipped to gain up to 2.5% additional Fishing experience.

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