Catching trout & salmon

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Catching trout & salmon
Fly fishing rod.pngFeather.png3000
Fishing 20
Fly fishing rod
ProfitExperience gained
23,012Fishing 25,432
Inputs (1,320)Outputs (24,332)
440 × Feather.png Feather (1,320)268 × Raw trout.png Raw trout (17,983)172 × Raw salmon.png Raw salmon (6,349)

The default rate assumes 55 Fishing, fish caught per hour varies based on Fishing level.

Catch raw trout and raw salmon at the Barbarian Village rod Fishing spot (lure, bait) with feathers and a fly fishing rod. This method is also the best Fishing experience in free-to-play, but only by dropping caught fish. Profit is earned by banking them instead of Cooking or dropping them. The highest profit per hour method is to run or walk to Edgeville bank and return the same way. Alternatively a imbued Skull sceptre can be used to return quickly, however it will lower profit.

An alternative method that yields slightly less profit, but better experience rates uses a Falador Teleport, banking in the western Falador bank, and returning to Barbarian Village with an imbued Skull sceptre. A staff of air, law runes, water runes, and bone fragments are required for this. At 55 Fishing, this method is about 24 trips per hour, increasing fish caught by 20% compared to walking to and from Edgeville. Each teleport trip will cost 400 coins, which costs 9,600 coins per hour.

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