Catching trout & salmon

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Catching trout & salmon
Fly fishing rod.pngFeather.png3000Water rune.png300Law rune.png300
Skull sceptre.png
Fishing 20 , Magic 37
ProfitExperience gained
15,837Fishing 28,580 , Magic 1,104
Inputs (14,219)Outputs (30,056)
500 × Feather.png Feather (1,500)23 × Water rune.png Water rune (138)23 × Law rune.png Law rune (3,680)23 × Bone fragments 5.png Bone fragments (8,901)321 × Raw trout.png Raw trout (23,433)179 × Raw salmon.png Raw salmon (6,623)

Catching trout and salmon in the Barbarian Village fly fishing spots provides fast experience and an okay profit if you to bank the fish instead of dropping or cooking them. Using the Falador Teleport spell for a quick trip to the Falador west bank and the imbued Skull sceptre for a teleport back to the Barbarian Village will be much faster than running or walking to the Edgeville bank.

With this method, a player with level 50 Fishing should be able to make about 23 trips between the Barbarian Village fishing spots and the bank in Falador, resulting in about 321 Raw trout and 179 Raw salmon and a profit of 15,867, assuming the player buys the feathers, runes, and bone fragments required to charge the Skull sceptre, and has a Staff of Air equipped to save Air runes while teleporting.

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