Catching tuna & swordfish (free-to-play)

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Catching tuna & swordfish (free-to-play)
RequirementsMusa Point.png
Fishing 50+ , 60+ recommended
None, Pirate's Treasure recommended
ProfitExperience gained
17,784Fishing 17,160
InputsOutputs (17,784)
78 × Raw swordfish.png Raw swordfish (9,828)117 × Raw tuna.png Raw tuna (7,956)

Without any requirements besides a harpoon, 50 Fishing, and 60 gold for the round trip, you can start fishing raw swordfish and raw tuna in Karamja for a great amount of exp and a decent amount of money, with little effort. A harpoon can be bought from Gerrant's Fishy Business in Port Sarim, where you will find a number of blue-clad seamen who will ferry you to Musa Point, Karamja. In order to use the "pay-fare" option, and skip some lines of dialogue, you must complete the Pirate's treasure quest (which is short and worth the effort if you plan on doing this method).

If you want to fish at Corsair Cove instead, and forgo having to pay for a boat each time you want to bank, then you must first complete Dragon Slayer I and Corsair Curse. Doing so will save you around 2 to 3 seconds per bank cycle and around 480 gold per hour.

Keep in mind that your profits will greatly depend on how high your Fishing level is, as raw swordfish 126 are worth substantially more than raw tuna 68.

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