Charging fire orbs

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Charging fire orbs
RequirementsCharge Fire Orb.gif

Magic 63
Agility 70/80 recommended
Defence Decent recommended


Weight-reducing clothing
Fire staff
Anti-dragon shield
Falador teletabs
25-26 unpowered orbs and 78+ cosmic runes each trip
Mist battlestaff or mystic mist staff, or any air or water staff (optional)
Rune pouch with cosmic runes and law runes, and either air or water runes if not bringing a mist staff (optional)
Charged tome of fire (optional)
Anti-fire potions or protect from magic if using a tome of fire

Dusty key (if under 70 Agility)
Some Antipoison in bank (recommended)
ProfitExperience gained
236,250Magic 32,850
Inputs (279,000)Outputs (515,250)
450 × Unpowered orb.png Unpowered orb (46,800)1,350 × Cosmic rune.png Cosmic rune (232,200)450 × Fire orb.png Fire orb (515,250)
Getting there and returning.
Navigate the obstacle pipe with 70 Agility, or jump over the strange floor with 80 Agility.

Fire orbs are worth 1,145 coins, and they are created by casting Charge Fire Orb on unpowered orbs at the Fire Obelisk. With a fire staff equipped, this requires three cosmic runes per cast (or 516 coins). Using Falador teletabs for banking, players can charge 26 orbs per trip (one inventory slot is needed for the cosmic runes), resulting in a profit of 13,184 coins per trip. With a mist staff, charged tome of fire, and rune pouch with law and cosmic runes, players can charge 27 orbs per trip, resulting in about 3% more profit per trip.

The Fire Obelisk is located in the Taverley Dungeon. Using the map on the right as a guide through the dungeon, the round trip to the obelisk, counting banking, takes approximately 185 seconds using the 80 Agility shortcut, 205 seconds using the 70 Agility shortcut, or 325 seconds without any shortcuts.

Bear in mind that running through the Taverley Dungeon places you in combat range of aggressive black demons, hellhounds, poison spiders, and black dragons. A good Defence level is recommended. Also, having some Antipoison in your bank helps due to possible poisoning from the poisonous spiders.

Assuming the unpowered orbs and cosmic runes are purchased, you can make around 505 fire orbs an hour using the level 80 Agility shortcut (255,805 coins), 450 fire orbs using the level 70 Agility shortcut (227,862 coins), and 280 fire orbs using no shortcuts (141,874 coins).

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