Climbing the Agility Pyramid

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Climbing the Agility Pyramid
RequirementsAgility Pyramid.png
Agility 30+ (50+ recommended)
Hitpoints 20+

Waterskins or Desert Amulet 4
Desert clothing or Graceful
Some food, with less required at higher agility levels

ProfitExperience gained
200,000Agility 34,380
InputsOutputs (200,000)
200,000 × Coins 100.png Coins (200,000)

At the top of the Agility Pyramid you can collect a Pyramid top, which can be sold to Simon Templeton for 10,000 each. At lower agility levels you may fail many obstacles, which might make it hard to reach the stated profit. With 75 agility it becomes impossible to fail any obstacle, allowing for a maximum of 26 laps, and 260,000 an hour. At lower levels you may fall often, with failing causing up to 10 damage, and you can visit Pollnivneach to refill waterskins and buy wine from Ali The barman

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