Climbing the Agility Pyramid

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Climbing the Agility Pyramid
RequirementsAgility Pyramid.png
Agility 30+ (50+ recommended)
Hitpoints 20+

Waterskins or Desert Amulet 4
Desert clothing or Graceful
Some food, with less required at higher agility levels

ProfitExperience gained
200,000Agility 34,380
InputsOutputs (200,000)
200,000 × Coins 100.png Coins (200,000)

At the top of the Agility Pyramid you can collect a Pyramid top, which can be sold to Simon Templeton for 10,000 each. At lower agility levels you may fail many obstacles, which might make it hard to reach the stated profit. With 75 agility it becomes impossible to fail any obstacle, allowing for a maximum of 26 laps, and 260,000 an hour. At lower levels you may fall often, with failing causing up to 10 damage, and you can visit Pollnivneach to refill waterskins and buy wine from Ali The barman

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Clothing[edit | edit source]

  • A full graceful outfit is the most efficient set of clothing in terms of energy conservation. A full set of graceful replenishes one's energy 30 percent faster than the normal rate, allowing for more time spent running as opposed to walking the course. The only downside to graceful is that it fails to diminish the effects of desert heat, resulting in a more frequent depletion of waterskins.
  • A full set of desert robes is an efficient set of clothing for preventing desert heat. See the desert heat page for more clothing options partially preventing desert heat.

Inventory[edit | edit source]

  • Ironmen should buy choc-ice from Rokuh in Nardah, as each Choc-ice will restore 6 hitpoints and be automatically consumed to combat desert heat. Using food this way is especially beneficial as choc-ice is virtually weightless (0.001 kg) compared to a waterskin (1.1 kg). This method is good for normal accounts as well.
  • Bring Energy-restoring items for enough energy to constantly run around the course.
  • The nearby bank in Nardah allows for very quick bank trips.


  • Bring waterskins to prevent taking damage from desert heat. Each full waterskin lasts for 6 minutes - longer when wearing desert clothing, but weigh 1.1kg each.
  • Bring food to restore lost Hitpoints from taking damage from failing Agility obstacles.
  • Bring runes to cast the humidify spell to refill all waterskins in the inventory. This spell is on the Lunar spellbook and requires level 68 Magic, as well as completion of Quest points Dream Mentor.

Weight[edit | edit source]

Contrary to popular belief, the player's weight does not affect the success rate of obstacles.[1] The only benefit of low weight is the lowered rate of run energy depletion. The lowest rate of energy depletion is achieved at 0 kg or lower.

If you have completed Spirits of the Elid, you may use the statuette from the quest to fill your Hitpoints, temporarily boost it, restore your prayer points, restore your run energy, and your special attack.

References[edit | edit source]

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