Collecting anti-dragon shields (free-to-play)

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Collecting anti-dragon shields
RequirementsAnti-dragon shield detail.png
30,000+ recommended
Dragon Slayer I
ProfitExperience gained
195,582 None
Inputs (161,418)Outputs (357,000)
104,092 × Coins.png Coins (104,092)114 × Energy potion(4).png Energy potion(4) (57,326)3,400 × Anti-dragon shield.png Anti-dragon shield (357,000)

After completing the quest Dragon Slayer I, Oziach will sell anti-dragon shields at his shop. He has 35 shields in stock, of which 26 can be bought for 796. The amount of shields currently in stock does not matter, as Oziach restocks shields at an extremely fast rate and will be full 99% of the time.

This method is on running shields from Oziach to the bank repeatedly and later selling them on the Grand Exchange for profit. Anti-dragon shields usually sell for a lower price than the guide price on the GE. The profit fluctuates significantly because of this. There is reliable demand for this shield, as it is required to make the Dragonfire shield, members need it to kill dragons safely, and free-to-play mages wield this shield, since it's the best available shield which has no magic attack penalty.


Make sure that you have a carry weight of 0kg, as extra weight will cause your run energy to deplete faster. Put coins and an energy potion into your inventory, then run to and from Oziach's shop and the bank in Edgeville. Make sure to click "Buy 50" when purchasing the Anti-Dragon Shield for faster buying. With significant focus, up to 130 trips per hour is possible.

Alternatively, players who have started but not completed Dragon Slayer I can use the Lumbridge bank to obtain large amounts of shields using the Drop trick, similar to collecting air talismans.

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