Collecting black scimitars from Ardougne Castle

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Collecting black scimitars from Ardougne Castle
RequirementsArdougne Castle.png
Thieving 61
Plague City
ProfitExperience gained
229,660 None
Inputs (2,520)Outputs (232,180)
5 × Ardougne teleport (tablet).png Ardougne teleport (tablet) (2,520)130 × Black scimitar.png Black scimitar (232,180)

Black scimitars are a weapon that cannot be made with the Smithing skill, and are otherwise rarely obtained from very specific monsters. Because of this, demand of black scimitars can often outpace the small amount of supply it has. This opens an opportunity to collect black scimitars for profit.

From either of the two available East Ardougne banks, make your way to the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of Ardougne Castle. Pick the lock on the southernmost door to enter a room containing a black scimitar. Pick it up, and switch worlds. Pick the next black scimitar up, and keep repeating this process until your inventory is full.

Then, use an Ardougne teleport tablet to teleport to Ardougne Market. From there, head to the nearest bank. Bank your items, and repeat. Optionally, if you have 72 Thieving, you can open the Ardougne Castle chest which will automatically teleport you fairly close to the same bank. This eliminates the need for bringing your own teleports.

This can be combined with other activities such as High Level Alchemy to increase profitability.

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