Collecting chaos runes

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Collecting chaos runes within the Dark Warrior's Fortress
RequirementsDark Warriors' Fortress.png
Decent Combat level recommended
Magic 25 to teleport to Varrock
ProfitExperience gained
221,000 None
InputsOutputs (221,000)
2,600 × Chaos rune.png Chaos rune (221,000)

Chaos rune spawns, along with a number of lesser runes, can be found in level 15 wilderness, located north of the Ice Mountain. The fortress is populated with level 8 dark warriors that will hit you almost anywhere on the bottom floor because it is multi-way combat. Remember, the dark warriors are only level 8 in free-to-play worlds, and level 145 in member worlds, so use only free-to-play worlds unless you feel suited to fight very high level enemies. Thus, it is advised to wait in the safe 3rd floor, via one of the ladders in the corner, for 10 minutes prior to starting this money making method so the warriors are no longer aggressive to you. If you don't want to wait, or have high enough combat to take no damage, then head to the north-west room to begin.

With full attention, you should be able to grab from 2,400 to 2,700 runes per hour. Keep in mind that running into a player killer means potentially losing all your profits, it is advisable to take a teleport spell with you for a quick getaway.

While you could pick up the other runes, it's optimal to grab the 5 chaos runes and immediately switch worlds, then repeat, since they're worth far more than the rest. The chaos rune has a respawn time of 2 minutes. It could be worth taking 3-5 pieces of food, but is not needed.

To maximise profits, it is recommended to change worlds after picking up the runes. Without changing worlds, one can expect to only pickup 150 runes per hour.

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