Collecting cosmic runes

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Collecting cosmic runes within the Frozen Waste Plateau
RequirementsWilderness Cosmic rune spawn.png
Decent Combat level and Defence recommended
Prayer 43 recommended for protection prayers
ProfitExperience gained
162,000 None
InputsOutputs (162,000)
1,500 × Cosmic rune.png Cosmic rune (162,000)

Cosmic rune spawns can be found in level 48 wilderness. Located south of the Frozen Waste Plateau. The most common uses of cosmic runes are the use of the Enchantment spells. One location that players who do not hold the proper levels to create cosmic runes via rune crafting at the Cosmic Altar is in the deeper Wilderness south of the Frozen Waste Plateau near the gate.

Since this location of these cosmic rune spawns are located in the wilderness, one should always be aware of the risk of player killers along with the many ice giant and ice warrior spawns within proximity of the cosmic rune spawn. Since this area is located in the wilderness, players should not take anything they are not prepared to lose.

It takes approximately 5 Minutes and 40 Seconds to get to the location of the spawns via walking from the north-west tile in the middle of Falador Square then walking north past the Mind Altar. Once there, one can stay indefinitely. Though, it is recommended to bank every hour to lessen the chance of being killed via teleporting to Falador.

Once the player has arrived at this location, they can find one cosmic rune spawn (containing 3 runes) in the north-west corner of the Frozen Waste Plateau.

It is highly recommended to run to the most north-west tile and wait out the aggression timer. After losing aggression to the ice giants and warriors, one may start collecting and hopping worlds.

  • (3) Cosmic Rune respawn time: 1 Minute and 50 Seconds

To maximise profits, it is recommended to change worlds after rune pickup. Without changing worlds, one can expect to only pickup 100 runes per hour.

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