Collecting monk's robes

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Collecting monk's robes
RequirementsMonk's robes equipped.png
Prayer 31 Prayer required
ProfitExperience gained
84,084 None
InputsOutputs (84,084)
182 × Monk's robe.png Monk's robe (29,848)182 × Monk's robe top.png Monk's robe top (54,236)

This guide assumes 13 full inventory runs every hour (each run should take about 4 minutes and 30 seconds). The Edgeville Monastery has one spawn of Monk's robe and one of Monk's robe top both spawning on a table south-east of the upstairs section of the monastery. The robe pieces will respawn after 60 seconds, but it is recommended to change worlds to circumvent this timer. Each robe bottom is worth 164 and each top is 298, so it may be worthwhile to only collect the more expensive of the two. You can also equip a set of robes to free up 2 extra inventory spaces. Energy potions are recommended because of the amount of running you would have to do from the bank to the monastery and back.

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