Collecting red spiders' eggs (free-to-play)

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Collecting Red spiders' eggs
RequirementsRed spiders' eggs detail.png
Combat level 69+ recommended
Staff of air
ProfitExperience gained
184,178Magic 525
Inputs (20,182)Outputs (204,360)
15 × Knife.png Knife (750)15 × Law rune.png Law rune (2,220)15 × Fire rune.png Fire rune (75)37.5 × Energy potion(4).png Energy potion(4) (17,137)390 × Red spiders' eggs.png Red spiders' eggs (204,360)
(2) Red spiders' eggs spawns can be found south of Bryophyta's lair.

There are 2 red spiders' eggs spawns in the swamp area of the Varrock Sewers where moss giants are found. This is the area north-west of the entrance of the Varrock Sewers, just south of Bryophyta's lair. For free-to-play players, this is the farthest area reached in the Varrock Sewers.

As the sewer is a multi-combat area, and the deadly red spiders are aggressive, players with a combat level lower than 69 can get attacked by multiple spiders at a time, so having food is recommended. The deadly red spiders are found immediately after reaching the end of the sewer tunnel going east-west. Since this area is secluded off and only reached after slashing through a spider's web, a slash weapon (any cheap scimitar or sword) or a knife will be required to slash through to get to the eggs. If the player chooses to bring an air staff for the Varrock Teleport method, the slash item will have to be dropped every run. If not, the player can keep their slash weapon equipped to save an inventory slot.

The eggs will spawn roughly every 42 seconds at the southernmost part of the sewer. There are multiple aggressive deadly red spiders and moss giants, which can be safespotted (which allows players to be out of combat to switch worlds). To collect the eggs, the player will need to come out of the safespot.

The route:

  • Take out 2.5 energy potions, law and fire runes, food if low level, and a disposable slash item from the bank.
  • Head to the manhole at the eastern exit of Varrock Palace.
  • Navigate through the sewers until the web is reached.
  • Slash the web, and drop the slash item.
  • Pick up all the red spider eggs, then (if the player does not have a Combat level of 69+, find a safespot and) switch worlds.
  • Repeat until full, then teleport back to Varrock, and bank the yield.

It is recommended that players bank the eggs in the eastern Varrock bank until the player is satisfied with the amount of eggs collected, and then sell them.

  • Without the use of any teleports, a run starting and ending in the Varrock bank to the eggs in the sewers will take anywhere from 10-12 minutes.
  • Using the chronicle (obtained from Diango in Draynor Village) makes a single run take about 7-9 minutes.
    • This also allows for wielding of the slash weapon, and removes the need to bring the staff or runes, at the cost of slightly more running.
  • Using the Varrock Teleport spell and collecting an inventory of 26 eggs also makes a single run take 7-9 minutes.
  • With world hopping at 69+ combat, one inventory can be done in as little as 3.5 minutes, producing upwards of 445+ eggs per hour.

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