Collecting runes at Ourania Altar

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Collecting runes
RequirementsCrafting at Ourania Altar.png
Decent Combat level and Defence recommended
Prayer 43+ recommended

Good armour against the Zamorakian followers
Ourania Teleport
Some food if low level (optional)

None, recommended completion of Lunar Diplomacy to get access to Lunar Spellbook (Ourania Teleport)
ProfitExperience gained
Inputs (3,470)Outputs (300,000)
10 × Monkfish.png Monkfish (3,470)300,000 × Pure essence.png Pure essence (300,000) Various types of runes

Teleport to Ourania Altar. If you don't meet the requirements, travel from Castle Wars, spirit trees or Ardougne, run to Ourania Cave. It's located to the west of Battlefield. When you get down the ladder, just follow other players to the altar.

Runecrafters often drop valuable stacks of runes at the altar. Looting them can be rewarding if no other players are doing it. Official world for this activity is 327. Sometimes the higher level Zamorakian followers might attack you, in that case just run to the other side of the altar. There is a low level monster 19 Zamorak crafter attacking players, but it shouldn't be a problem

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