Collecting steel platebodies

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Collecting and banking steel platebodies
RequirementsLava maze steel platebody spawn.png
Decent Combat level and Defence recommended
Prayer 43 recommended for Protect from Melee
Magic 25 for Varrock Teleport
ProfitExperience gained
93,584 None
Inputs (516)Outputs (94,100)
4 × Fire rune.png Fire rune (20)4 × Law rune.png Law rune (496)100 × Steel platebody.png Steel platebody (94,100)

The Lava Maze is a maze located deep in the Wilderness, around level 40-45. In the entrance and partway through the maze, there are spiderwebs that must be cut with a slash weapon or a knife. It is possible for players to get trapped inside the maze if they do not have a slash weapon to cut spider webs.

There are two methods that a player may go about when choosing to collect steel platebodies. Though, one is more efficient than the other with much higher, though more risky profits. When deciding which method one may want to choose, keep in mind this area is located in the wilderness, players should not take anything they are not prepared to lose.

Lava Maze located within the Wilderness

The Collecting/Banking Method

Walking from the Varrock west bank takes approximately 5 minutes and 30 seconds to arrive at the Lava Maze. Once the player has received a full inventory of platebodies, they may choose to run out of the Lava Maze and to level 20 Wilderness to use the Varrock Teleport. Teleporting is the fastest method to bank, and will take you directly east of the west Varrock bank. Once banking is completed, run north-west through the wilderness ditch on the east side of the Edgeville river and repeat these actions.

How long does this take?

  1. To arrive at the Lava Maze entrance: 5 minutes 30 seconds (330 seconds)
  2. Navigating through the Lava Maze: 2 minutes (120 seconds)
  3. Hopping worlds and collecting (25) steel platebodies: 4 minutes and 17 seconds (257 seconds)
  4. Walking to level 20 wilderness: 3 minutes and 42 seconds (222 seconds)
  5. Teleporting and banking: 25 seconds
  6. Repeat.

Total Time per trip: 15 Minutes Per Trip

For the high alch method, see: Money making guide/Collecting steel platebodies (High Alchemy)

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