Cooking plain pizzas

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Cooking plain pizzas
RequirementsPizza baseTomatoCheese + Range = Plain pizza
Cooking 35 (68 recommended)
ProfitExperience gained
176,580Cooking 77,220
Inputs (185,220)Outputs (361,800)
540 × Pizza base.png Pizza base (121,500)540 × Tomato.png Tomato (35,640)540 × Cheese.png Cheese (28,080)540 × Plain pizza.png Plain pizza (361,800)

Plain pizza can be made by combining pizza base with tomato and then cheese last. The most a player can make at a time is 9 uncooked pizza, as they would be able to hold 9 of each of the ingredient.

Note: Make sure you click on the pizza base first or you might accidentally eat your ingredient

Al-Kharid and Edgeville are two places with the closest range to a bank in free-to-play worlds, with both having ranges next door. With the Grand Exchange being right next to Edgeville, it makes it a more convenient option. (In case you eat your ingredients and need a replacement) Lumbridge is also an option, however it may be slower as it requires extra clicks to walk downstairs.

A player can make up to about 540 uncooked pizzas in half an hour (or up to 1,100 in an hour, if you choose to make uncooked pizzas non-stop before cooking). You can also cook around 540 pizzas in half an hour (or up to 1,100 in an hour, if you choose to cook after making uncooked pizzas for an hour).

Note: If you have under 68 Cooking, you will have a chance to burn your plain pizza, reducing the profit you can make.

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