Crafting astral runes

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Crafting astral runes
RequirementsAstral Altar.png
Runecraft 85 (82 will slightly reduce profit, 40 will significantly)
Magic 69 recommended
Lunar Diplomacy
ProfitExperience gained
972,022Runecraft 41,917 Magic 5,484
Inputs (96,990)Outputs (1,069,012)
4,818 × Pure essence.png Pure essence (9,636)73 × Law rune.png Law rune (8,614)9.13 × Cosmic rune.png Cosmic rune (830)30 × Stamina potion(1).png Stamina potion(1) (77,910)9,490 × Astral rune.png Astral rune (664,300)5,782 × Astral rune.png Astral rune (404,712) Extra runes from wearing a full set of Raiments of the Eye

Level 82 is required to make double the amount of astral runes, and 85 is required to use the colossal pouch which will speed up runs. Using the Moonclan Teleport (requiring 69 Magic), a round trip from the Lunar Isle bank to the Astral Altar takes about 49 seconds, including banking and filling up essence pouches, allowing 73 trips per hour to be made. To start out, players should withdraw a full inventory's worth of pure essence from the bank, and then fill their pouch(es) with the remaining essence; this should come out to 66 essence per trip if utilizing the colossal essence pouch and rune pouch. Next, run outside heading south and then east past the Suqahs, trying to avoid being hit. With 43 Prayer, you can flick protect from melee to avoid taking any damage or losing any prayer points as you run past them. Otherwise, you may have to consume food or prayer potions occasionally, reducing profit per hour slightly. Once at the Astral Altar, craft your runes and use the moonclan teleport to bank, repeating the whole process. Using a crafting cape to bank at the crafting guild may potentially be slightly faster, however it is unlikely to increase profit if it takes up an inventory slot that could be used to carry essence instead, and wearing a weight-reducing cape is likely to be better.
If not wearing a Runecrafting cape, you should use the NPC Contact spell to contact the Dark mage to repair your essence pouch(es) whenever they degrade. If using a rune pouch, you should store law, cosmic, and astral runes inside it, which along with a dust battlestaff, will cover your teleports to bank as well as your contact spells to repair pouches. If not using a rune pouch, you should either carry law runes or moonclan teleport tablets to cover your teleports to bank, keeping cosmic runes in the bank and withdrawing one each time you need to repair your essence pouch(es). Using teleport tablets is slightly less click-intensive, however it will likely lower your profit per hour. The current difference in profit per hour is −50,078
While wearing the recommended clothing, each trip will deplete your stamina by approximately 40%, so drink a 2-dose stamina potion while filling essence pouches at the bank (completion of Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl will allow you to automatically destroy the empty vial upon finishing the potion). Slower alternatives are teleporting to Nardah with desert amulet 4 and praying at the Elidinis Statuette, using a Teleport to House tab or Spellbook Swap to drink from your Revitalisation pool, or using the Pool of Refreshment located in the Ferox Enclave via a ring of dueling. Depending on the cost of stamina potions and how quickly you are able to perform these alternatives, it may be possible for them to be more profitable.

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