Crafting blood runes

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Crafting blood runes
RequirementsBlood altar location.png

Runecraft 77
Mining 38 (to mine dense essence blocks)
Crafting 38 (to chip dark essence blocks)
Agility 73+ (highly recommended)

100% Arceuus favour
ProfitExperience gained
673,200Runecraft 37,370.25 Mining 4,590 Crafting 6,120
InputsOutputs (673,200)
1,530 × Blood rune.png Blood rune (612,000)153 × Blood rune.png Blood rune (61,200) bonus runes for the completion of the Kourend & Kebos elite diary

At average speeds, one can do about 7.5 trips to the blood altar per hour, producing 204 blood runes on each.

Players should mine an inventory full of dense essence blocks at the dense runestone mine, run to the Dark Altar to turn them into dark essence blocks, and chip them with a chisel into dark essence fragments. Then, players should run back to the dense runestone mines and mine another inventory full of dense essence blocks, turn them into dark essence blocks, and run to the blood altar south-west of the dark altar.

Once there, craft the fragments in the inventory into runes, chisel the remaining blocks, and runecraft them as well. Run back to the dense runestone mine (with 73 Agility, there is a shortcut available) and repeat.

Completing the elite Kourend & Kebos Diary grants the player 10% additional runes when crafting blood runes, adding to the profit made from this method. No additional experience is gained, however.

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