Crafting clockwork (teleport method)

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Crafting Clockworks
RequirementsClockwork detail.png
Crafting 8
Construction 25 , Magic 45
Own a Player-owned house with at least a Crafting table 2 in the Workshop
ProfitExperience gained
421,596 Crafting 15,750
Inputs (516,054)Outputs (937,650)
84 × Law rune.png Law rune (11,844)42 × Earth rune.png Earth rune (210)1,050 × Steel bar.png Steel bar (504,000)1,050 × Clockwork.png Clockwork (937,650)

This method involves crafting Steel bars into Clockworks using the workshop in a player-owned house, using teleport spells to move between the house and the bank chest in Camelot on a PvP world. This method, with minimal mis-clicks takes under 1.5 minutes per inventory of 25 clockworks. Although this method requires being on a PvP world, it is generally safe so long as you do not accidentally walk out of the safe area near the bank chest.

  1. Equip the staff of air and get your earth runes, law runes, and hammer in your bag.
  2. From the Camelot teleport location, switch to a PvP world.
  3. At the bank chest withdraw 25 steel bars then cast House Teleport
  4. Click on your Crafting Table 2 and when the options appear press "1" on your keyboard to quickly select the Clockwork option.
  5. As soon as the experience pops up, or you see a steel bar turn into the clockwork click the crafting table again and press "1" again. Repeat this process for all 25 bars.
  6. After selecting the Clockwork option from the menu on the last bar cast Camelot Teleport. Repeat this process from step 3 until all clockworks have been crafted.


  • This method could also be done from level 40 Magic using the PvP bank chest in Lumbridge instead. This will double the amount of earth runes needed but that cost should be negligible.
  • Doing this method without the use of the keyboard for quick menu selection could cause runs to take longer and reduce profits.
  • A dust battlestaff could eliminate the need for earth runes entirely. It is not suggested to buy a dust battlestaff specifically for this, however, as it would take upwards of 4500 House teleport casts to break even.

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