Crafting drift nets

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Crafting Drift nets
  • Jute fibre at Loom (26 Crafting required)
  • Quest
    Bone Voyage (recommended, for a shorter distance to nearest bank)
    High Agility levels and weight-reducing clothing are recommended
    ProfitExperience gained
    451,000Crafting 60,500
    Inputs (2,530,000)Outputs (2,981,000)
    2,200 × Jute fibre.png Jute fibre (2,530,000)1,100 × Drift net.png Drift net (2,981,000)

    Drift nets can be crafted by using two jute fibres on a loom, which currently profits 410 per net. When paying attention, up to 1,100 drift nets can be crafted per hour.

    The loom on Fossil Island is closest to a bank, therefore it is recommended to use this loom for this method, however it comes with a few additional requirements:

    • Access to Fossil Island requires completion of the Bone Voyage quest.
    • Crafting drift nets on Fossil Island requires the player to first craft a loom and bank chest on the island, requiring: 4x Oak plank, 1x Rope, 1x Iron bar 10x Nails and Construction 29 .

    Locations[edit | edit source]

    See the images below for the locations of all looms in Gielinor.

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