Crafting wrath runes

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Crafting wrath runes
RequirementsWrath Altar inside.png
Runecraft 95
Dragon Slayer II
Lunar Diplomacy completed to use NPC Contact to recharge pouch if not using a runecraft cape
ProfitExperience gained
1,913,610Runecraft 50,688
Inputs (63,222)Outputs (1,976,832)
6,336 × Pure essence.png Pure essence (12,672)5 × Stamina potion(4).png Stamina potion(4) (50,550)6,336 × Wrath rune.png Wrath rune (1,235,520)3,802 × Wrath rune.png Wrath rune (741,312) Extra runes from wearing a full set of Raiments of the Eye

Those with at least Runecraft 95 can craft wrath runes at the Wrath Altar. The Wrath Altar is only accessible to players who have completed Dragon Slayer II and cannot be accessed through the Abyss.

The fastest way to craft wrath runes is via the mythical cape teleport. After using the cape to teleport to the Myths' guild, players should enter the guild basement, run past aggressive dragons (requiring an anti-dragon shield to minimise damage taken), and enter the cave to reach the Wrath Altar (requiring a wrath tiara or wrath attuned hat of the eye). Players can then craft their runes, teleport to a bank, and repeat the process.

Players are highly recommended to obtain the Raiments of the Eye for their passive effect, which grants a bonus of 60% additional runes crafted.

Players with a runecraft cape (req. Runecraft 99 ), equip the Runecraft cape but carry the mythical cape in their inventory. Using the colossal pouch, players can carry up to 66 essence per trip. Players should expect between 90 and 96 trips per hour, taking approximately ~38 seconds per trip. The pouch won't need to be recharged because the Runecraft cape's perk protects it from degrading. If the player is maxed, the max cape can be equipped for the same effect as the runecraft cape, and also provides quick banking to the Crafting Guild.

Players without a runecraft cape will follow the same route, however they will need to recharge their pouch every seven trips by using NPC Contact, to prevent the pouch from degrading.

It is worth noting that getting 96 trips per hour is a very high intensity activity requiring near perfect banking and for the wrath runes to be crafted perfectly as well. A more reasonable trip time would be ~45 seconds. Recharging your pouch and restoring health points will also contribute to a lower trip rate. It could be more relevant to expect to make between 75 and 80 trips per hour instead if not performing optimally. This results in a profit of approximately 1,536,204 and Runecraft 41,184 .

An alternative bank teleport option includes using the achievement diary cape. Teleport to Jarr at Shantay Pass for banking, as well as to the Lesser Fanatic to quickly reach the Dark mage in the Abyss to repair the pouch. Since an amulet of glory isn't needed for this method, the player could instead opt to wear a Desert amulet 4 and teleport to Nardah when necessary to recharge run and replenish Prayer and Hitpoints without the need for stamina potions.

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