Creating Barrows teleport tablets

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Creating Barrows teleport tablets
RequirementsBarrows teleport (tablet) detail.png

Magic 83
Mining 38
Crafting 38


Xeric's talisman
Revitalisation pool or better in the Player-owned House is highly recommended to restore run energy in between runs.


Priest in Peril
Partial completion of Fairytale II - Cure a Queen for access to the Fairy rings network is highly recommended.


Players must have gained 100% favour with Arceuus in Great Kourend to access the Arceuus spellbook and to create the dark essence blocks needed to create the teleport tablets.
Having the Fairy ring CIS unlocked is highly recommended.

ProfitExperience gained
257,820Magic 21,600 Crafting 1,920 Mining 2,880 Runecraft 600
Inputs (227,220)Outputs (485,040)
480 × Law rune.png Law rune (58,560)240 × Blood rune.png Blood rune (93,840)480 × Soul rune.png Soul rune (69,600)10 × Teleport to house (tablet).png Teleport to house (tablet) (5,020)10 × Lizardman fang.png Lizardman fang (200)240 × Barrows teleport (tablet).png Barrows teleport (tablet) (485,040)

At average speeds, one can do about 10 trips to the lectern near Ouditor per hour, producing 24 Barrows teleport tablets on each run.

  1. Teleport to CIS. Players must pay a one-off fee 80,000 coins to Trossa in order to use it.
  2. Run east to the Arceuus essence mine to mine the dense runestones to obtain dense essence blocks.
  3. This requires a pickaxe and a chisel.
  4. Bring these dense essence blocks to the Dark Altar to bind its energy into the blocks. This will turn the dense essence blocks into dark essence blocks.
  5. Use the Xeric's talisman to teleport to Xeric's Heart.
  6. Run north to the building with Ouditor, and use the lectern to create the Barrows teleport tablets.
  7. Use a Teleport to house tablet, restore run energy at the revitalisation pool (or better) and teleport back to CIS.

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