Creating bones to peaches tablets

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Creating bones to peaches tablets
RequirementsMaking magic tablets.gif
Magic 60
Attack 30
Construction 67 recommended
Unlock Bones to Peaches from the Mage training arena
A mahogany demon or marble lectern in a player-owned house study (recommended)
ProfitExperience gained
291,750 Magic 26,625
Inputs (459,750)Outputs (751,500)
3,750 × Coins.png Coins (3,750)750 × Soft clay.png Soft clay (177,000)1,500 × Nature rune.png Nature rune (279,000)750 × Bones to peaches (tablet).png Bones to peaches (tablet) (751,500)

Bones to peaches tablets are worth 1,002 coins and are generally in medium-high demand, they are used in place of food in some combat situations. The tablets are made on a mahogany demon or marble lectern in a player-owned house study. The most cost effective place to make tablets is at a house in Rimmington, where there is a nearby NPC named Phials who will un-note items for 5 coins each. To make tablets, move your POH to Rimmington and bring nature runes, noted soft clay, and coins. Find Phials, use the noted soft clay on him, and choose the third chat option to quickly un-note them. Then enter a POH through the house portal and enchant the tablets on a lectern.

Each trip you will make 24 bones to peaches tablets for a profit of 9,336 coins. On average, a round trip takes approximately 115-120 seconds, for a total of 720-750 tablets per hour, which leads to a 280,080 to 291,750 profit per hour.

An alternative to un-noting with Phials is to use a servant in your own player owned house. This is more costly, but allows you to stay at the lectern, rather than spending time running to and from Phials, increasing overall net profit. The calculations in this guide, however, were performed assuming you are using Phials.

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