Cutting mahogany logs

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Cutting mahogany logs
RequirementsMahogany tree.png
Woodcutting 50
Partial completion of Monkey Madness I
ProfitExperience gained
166,346Woodcutting 43,750
Inputs (1,304)Outputs (167,650)
1.62 × Ring of dueling(8).png Ring of dueling(8) (1,304)350 × Mahogany logs.png Mahogany logs (167,650)

Mahogany trees are relatively sparse. A good area to cut them is Ape Atoll. Depending on levels, players can chop 300-400 mahogany logs (143,700-191,600 coins) per hour.

To get to Ape Atoll, use Daero as in Monkey Madness I, otherwise after freeing Awowogei in Recipe for Disaster, use Ape Atoll Teleport. After a full inventory, bank at either Al Kharid or Castle Wars. After completing Monkey Madness II and acquiring the Royal seed pod can use this to take the Gnome glider from Tree Gnome Stronghold to ape atoll and run south. You do not need a Greegree, just an axe and the seed pod.

To use the Hardwood Grove, pay Murcaily 100 trading sticks each time to enter, and pay Rionasta 270 trading sticks to bank each inventory of 27 logs. It will cost 370 trading sticks total per inventory, and after completing the elite Karamja Diary, it costs 270 trading sticks.

Players with 55 Farming can cut mahogany logs grown in the three hardwood tree farming patches on Fossil Island, which is much closer to a bank, however it requires initial time for the trees to grow. The shortcut between the bank and trees requires 70 Agility.

A method with no quest requirements is using a skills necklace to teleport to the Farming Guild, go around to the north to the trees and using a ring of dueling to bank at Castle Wars. This method takes a longer time, but benefits from no quest requirements.

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