Cutting ruby bolt tips

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Cutting ruby bolt tips
RequirementsChisel + Ruby = Ruby bolt tips
Fletching 63
ProfitExperience gained
267,950Fletching 7,245
Inputs (1,001,650)Outputs (1,269,600)
1,150 × Ruby.png Ruby (1,001,650)13,800 × Ruby bolt tips.png Ruby bolt tips (1,269,600)

Ruby bolt tips are used to make Ruby bolts, which in turn can be enchanted to make Ruby bolts (e), which are effective ammunition against boss monsters. It can be immensely profitable to cut rubies into tips, but there is also a risk of losing money. Before buying rubies in bulk, test the profit of one of them.

With a chisel on hand, you can withdraw 27 rubies at a time. Each ruby becomes 12 tips when chiselled. It takes 3 seconds to cut a ruby into bolt tips, or roughly 1,150 rubies cut per hour.

The price paid for ruby bolt tips can vary by more than 20% on either side of the median price. To maximise your profit, buy one ruby bolt tip instantly, and sell yours for slightly below that price. It can take hours to sell all of your tips this way, but it can double your profit.

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