Cutting yew logs

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Cutting yew logs
Woodcutting 60 (75+ recommended)
Rune or Dragon axe
ProfitExperience gained
35,700 Woodcutting 30,625
InputsOutputs (35,700)
175 × Yew logs.png Yew logs (35,700)

Note: You should only be using a rune axe on a yew tree if you are a free-to-play player.

Chopping yew logs can be a profitable method, as players use these logs for Fletching and Firemaking.

The best members place to chop yews is within the Woodcutting Guild. Should the guild be too busy, pay-to-play players can also chop yews west of Catherby by the flaxfield or south of the Seers' Village bank in the church graveyard. Free to play players can cut them behind Varrock Palace (east of the Grand Exchange) or at the Edgeville ruins. Depending on levels, players can chop 130-220 yew logs (26,520-44,880 coins) per hour.

In Prifddinas, crystal shards are rewarded from a successful cut at a 1/80 rate, meaning one can expect 2-3 crystal shards per hour. Each crystal shard can be worth as much as 17,873 coins.

Using tick manipulation is it possible to get up to 345 yew logs per hour, yielding 66,300 coins per hour.

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