Cutting yew logs (free-to-play)

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Cutting yew logs
Woodcutting 60 (80+ recommended)
Rune axe
ProfitExperience gained
32,400Woodcutting 26,250
InputsOutputs (32,400)
150 × Yew logs.png Yew logs (32,400)

Yew logs are the most valuable free to play logs, and are therefore botted heavily in the "best" spots (Edgeville and east of the Grand Exchange). To ensure constant availability, this guide recommends using the yew trees just west of the Lumbridge castle, with banking nearby from using the castle south stairwell.

When cutting yew trees to the west of the Lumbridge castle, it is recommended to switch worlds when the tree depletes, as you will otherwise have to wait 60 seconds for the tree to respawn. Once your inventory is full, run east to the castle and use the stairs to reach the bank. Because yew trees take so long to cut, you should never run out of energy. Depending on levels, players can chop 100-200 yew logs (21,600-43,200 coins) per hour, expecting ~180 logs at level 80.

Alternatively, these trees can be cut south of Falador, in north Varrock, or south Edgeville depending on how many people are currently using the trees. However, the Lumbridge spot is rarely ever in use.

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