Drinking irresponsibly

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Drinking irresponsibly
RequirementsDrunken Dwarf.png
10,000+ recommended
ProfitExperience gained
−24,700 None
Inputs (153,900)Outputs (129,200)
1,900 × Asgarnian ale.png Asgarnian ale (153,900)1,900 × Beer glass.png Beer glass (129,200)

Buying and drinking asgarnian ale can often turn a profit due to the empty glass holding more value than the drink itself. Before attempting this method, it is advised to buy a small batch and verify the prices are accurate. An ale costs 81 coins on the Grand Exchange and an empty glass costs 68, so the profit per drink is −13. With consistent effort, roughly 1,900 drinks can be drunk in an hour. Note that we do not recommend replicating this behaviour in the real world, where the free market often does not allow for empty containers to be more profitable than their full counterpart.

Drink GE Price Profit GP/HR
Asgarnian ale.png Asgarnian ale 81 −13 −24,700
Beer.png Beer 118 −50 −95,000
Dwarven stout.png Dwarven stout 90 −22 −41,800
Wizard's mind bomb.png Wizard's mind bomb 119 −51 −96,900

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