Enchanting sapphire rings

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Enchanting sapphire rings
RequirementsLvl-1 Enchant + Sapphire ring = Ring of recoil
Magic 7
Staff of water
ProfitExperience gained
217,600Magic 28,000
Inputs (928,000)Outputs (1,145,600)
1,600 × Sapphire ring.png Sapphire ring (691,200)1,600 × Cosmic rune.png Cosmic rune (236,800)1,600 × Ring of recoil.png Ring of recoil (1,145,600)

Rings of recoil are often used in combat situations to augment damage. One common example is using them to kill Zulrah's snakelings. They also used to charge the Ring of Suffering and in PKing. Because of this there is a decent demand for them. Enchanting sapphire rings into rings of recoil can be very profitable as it is a way for players with low Magic to train quickly and usually make money. Remember that the jewellery market on the Grand Exchange can be very volatile, so it is recommended to test out the profit before buying in bulk.

With high concentration players can see around 1900 casts per hour. If players wish for a more afk experience they can elect to auto-cast, allowing the enchant jewellery spell to automatically enchant the next item of the same type once the spell has been cast on the first at a significantly lower speed. Using this method is more afk but decreases the amount of casts per hour to around 700, or around 800 with efficient banking.

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