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68,020 per instance
Farming yanillian hops
Profit per instanceYanillian hops.png
Activity time
5 minutes
Minimum recurrence time
60 minutes
Effective profit
816,240 per hour
Skill requirementsQuest requirements

Farming 16
Magic 58 recommended for Watchtower Teleport, 45 for Camelot Teleport
Agility 16 recommended for the underwall tunnel agility shortcut to the Yanille patch

Item requirementsOther requirements

Farming equipment:
Magic secateurs recommended
Yanillian seeds
Staves and/or runes for teleportation
Transportation recommendations:
Amulet of glory for Draynor Village teleport or Balloon transport system access
Chronicle for Champions' Guild teleport
Camelot Teleport or access to Fairy rings
Watchtower Teleport or Yanille Teleport to House

Tool leprechaun with a seed dibber, a spade, a rake, and some ultracompost
Experience gainedLocation
Farming 1,482Lumbridge, Seers' Village, Yanille, and Entrana hops patches
Inputs (4,860)Outputs (72,880)
16 × Yanillian seed 5.png Yanillian seed (128)4 × Ultracompost.png Ultracompost (3,172)4 × Tomatoes(5).png Tomatoes(5) (1,560)80 × Yanillian hops.png Yanillian hops (72,880)
This guide assumes 20 hops from each patch, thus 80 hops. Your profit per hour may vary depending on yield.

Farming yanillian hops can be a very profitable way to spend a few minutes at a time. Magic secateurs help increase profits slightly due to the 10% boost to crop yield.

Players should have 16 yanillian seeds, 4 baskets of tomatoes, and some means of teleportation. Then, players can start their hops run at any hops patch withdrawing any additional supplies needed from the tool leprechaun. If players have access to the Lunar Spellbook from Lunar Diplomacy, Fertile Soil (83 Magic) can be used in lieu of supercompost, but it will reduce the profit per patch.

After planting, a player should pay the nearby farmer to protect the patch and then move on to the next patch in any order. An example of a hops run is provided below.

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