Fletching broad bolts

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Fletching Broad bolts
RequirementsUnfinished broad bolts 5.png + Feather.png = Broad bolts 5.png
Fletching 55
Broad bolts
The ability to fletch them for 300 Slayer reward points
ProfitExperience gained
−180,000Fletching 540,000
Inputs (10,800,000)Outputs (10,620,000)
180,000 × Unfinished broad bolts 5.png Unfinished broad bolts (10,260,000)180,000 × Feather.png Feather (540,000)180,000 × Broad bolts 5.png Broad bolts (10,620,000)

Feathers and unfinished broad bolts are combined to make broad bolts. Broad bolts require Ranged 61 and Slayer 55 to equip. They have the same ranged strength bonus as adamant bolts. However, they are the strongest bolts against kurasks and turoths.

Fletching broad bolts can be profitable, but there is also a risk of losing money. Therefore, before buying unfinished broad bolts in bulk, test the profit beforehand in the Grand Exchange.

This method gives 30 experience in Fletching for every set made. You can realistically make 3-4 sets manually per game tick, so it is possible to fletch 180,000-240,000 broad bolts per hour netting around 540k-720k Fletching experience depending on efficiency.

Using mouse keys or OSRS Mobile can improve rates for this type of Fletching training.

Unfinished broad bolts have a buy limit of 7,000, so it is recommended to purchase unfinished broad bolts overnight on the Grand Exchange or from Slayer masters to maximise profit and experience.

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