Fletching headless arrows

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Fletching headless arrows
RequirementsArrow shaft 1.png + Feather.png = Headless arrow 5.png
ProfitExperience gained
120,000 Fletching 40,000
Inputs (160,000)Outputs (280,000)
40,000 × Arrow shaft.png Arrow shaft (40,000)40,000 × Feather.png Feather (120,000)40,000 × Headless arrow.png Headless arrow (280,000)

Headless arrows are made by using feathers on arrow shafts, and they are used in Fletching to create arrows for quick experience gains. Because most fletchers will not create the headless arrows on their own, there is an opportunity for low-level players to make a fair amount of profit (and decent experience) by fletching headless arrows.

To start with, test the profit of making one headless arrow; buy one feather and one arrow shaft from the Grand Exchange, make a headless arrow, and sell it. If the profit is less than 10, there may be better options to make money. If it is higher, buy up feathers and arrow shafts in bulk.

To create headless arrows, use the feathers on the arrow shafts. A menu will open asking how many you want to make; click all, which will make 10 sets of 15 headless arrows. Each set of 150 takes about 12 seconds, so you can make more than 40,000 headless arrows per hour if you have enough materials. However, feathers have a buying limit of 13,000 every four hours, while arrow shafts have a buying limit of 7,000 every four hours, so you can only buy about 15 minutes worth of headless arrow materials per four hours. It may be useful to put in an overnight offer for feathers and arrow shafts if you have enough money to start with. You can buy more feathers at fishing shops (around 1,000 per 24 hours per shop).

Because making headless arrows does not require banking and only takes up three inventory spaces, it can be used in conjunction with other money-making methods where there is a long wait between actions. This includes collecting cave nightshade, cave goblin wire, and potato cactus.

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