Growing palm saplings

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Growing palm saplings
Palm sapling.pngPalm sapling.pngPalm sapling.pngPalm sapling.png
Palm sapling.pngPalm sapling.pngPalm sapling.pngPalm sapling.png
Palm sapling.pngPalm sapling.pngPalm sapling.pngPalm sapling.png
Palm sapling.pngPalm sapling.pngPalm seedling.pngPalm seedling.png
Palm seedling.pngPalm seedling.pngPalm seedling.pngPalm seedling.png
Palm seedling.pngPalm seedling.pngPalm seedling.pngPalm seedling.png
Gardening trowel.pngPalm seedling.pngPalm tree seed 5.pngAstral rune.png
68 FarmingFarming icon.png, MagicMagic icon.pngrecommended
85 CombatMulticombat.png needed for Dream Mentor, to unlock the spell "Humidify"
150,000,000+ recommended
Steam battlestaff
Gardening trowel
Dream Mentor
Lunar Spellbook
ProfitExperience gained
1,493,2804,420 MagicMagic icon.png
Inputs (58,773,420)Outputs (60,266,700)
1,700 x Palm tree seed.png: Inventory image of Palm tree seedPalm tree seed (58,760,500)
1,700 x Filled plant pot.png: Inventory image of Filled plant potFilled plant pot (1,700)
68 x Astral rune.png: Inventory image of Astral runeAstral rune (11,220)
1,700 x Palm sapling.png: Inventory image of Palm saplingPalm sapling (60,266,700)

Palm saplings are used to train Farming. Because it is time consuming and gives little to no experience, planting the palm tree seeds in filled plant pots to grow saplings is often skipped in favour of buying the saplings directly from the Grand Exchange. This opens up an opportunity to grow palm saplings for profit. Like all methods involving large amounts of buying and selling, which require a relatively high capital to start, it is recommended to test the market by growing one sapling first to make sure it is profitable.

To plant the seeds in the pots, use one of them on the other with a gardening trowel in your inventory. This produces a seedling. When all the plant pots are filled with seeds, cast Humidify to water them. These watered seedlings will take approximately five minutes to turn into saplings, but this will happen even when banked. Repeating this process quickly will make around 1,700 saplings an hour.

Saplings can also be watered with watering cans instead of Humidify, however this makes the process far more click-intensive and time-consuming.

Please note that palm tree seeds have a relatively low buying limit, so you may want to stock up on them beforehand, or grow several different trees at once.

Once you've finished making the saplings, sell them on the Grand Exchange. Maximise your profit by buying one sapling instantly, and selling all of yours for slightly less than that.

If for whatever reason palm trees aren't possible for you, this method can be very profitable with other seeds as well. Use this table to determine what the best seed for you is.

Tree seed Farming level required Seed price Sapling price Profit per seed Profit per hour (1700 estimate)
Acorn 15 24 175 143.4 243,780
Apple tree seed 27 7 99 84.4 143,480
Willow seed 30 3,254 3,620 358.4 609,280
Banana tree seed 33 2 83 73.4 124,780
Teak seed 35 77 247 162.4 276,080
Orange tree seed 39 8 63 47.4 80,580
Curry tree seed 42 42 186 136.4 231,880
Maple seed 45 34,498 35,189 683.4 1,161,780
Pineapple seed 51 256 569 305.4 519,180
Mahogany seed 55 4,614 5,286 664.4 1,129,480
Papaya tree seed 57 2,357 3,112 747.4 1,270,580
Yew seed 60 78,024 78,998 966.4 1,642,880
Palm tree seed 68 34,565 35,451 878.4 1,493,280
Calquat tree seed 72 72 356 276.4 469,880
Magic seed 75 127,494 128,775 1,273.4 2,164,780
Dragonfruit tree seed 81 192,739 193,465 718.4 1,221,280
Celastrus seed 85 89,244 91,395 2,143.4 3,643,780
Redwood tree seed 90 31,707 33,366 1,651.4 2,807,380

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