Hunting black chinchompas

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Blood money 10000.png
The methods in this guide may involve considerable risk, including (but not limited to): loss of money/items, unstable prices, and/or slow GE resale.
Reason: Hunting black chinchompas takes place in the Wilderness; do not bring anything you are not willing to lose.
Hunting black chinchompas
RequirementsBlack chinchompa.png

Hunter 80+
Prayer 43+ and Defence 70+ for protection prayers and Barrows armour (optional but strongly recommended)

6 Box traps

Spare box traps
Steel darts, a protective shield, and an Ava's device
3-iteming tanking and/or ranged gear (strongly recommended for mid-to-high level players)
Assorted flowers or other fun weapon to escape PKers (optional)
Amulet of glory, Ring of wealth or Royal seed pod
Saradomin brews and/or some food
Prayer potion or Super restore (optional)
Super energy or Stamina potion (optional)

ProfitExperience gained
1,033,260Hunter 151,200
Inputs (180)Outputs (1,033,440)
60 × Steel dart.png Steel dart (180)480 × Black chinchompa.png Black chinchompa (1,033,440)

Black chinchompas are very widely used for quickly levelling up Ranged, and players will make most of their money from Hunter by catching them. Upon arrival, it would be a good idea to kill one to see where it respawns so that traps can be set accordingly to surround the spot. Kill any chinchompa that wanders off, and quickly reset the traps if necessary. Around 350 chinchompas can be caught per hour with minimal interference from player killers.

Tanking gear, such as Dinh's bulwark and Karil's armour, is strongly recommended and provides huge defensive bonuses while escaping player killers along with activating protection prayers. Since player killers usually start attacking with Magic, it is strongly advised to set Protect from Magic and Protect Item as quick prayers before heading to the area, and prepare to switch overheads according to their attacks. Also, Augury or Mystic Might could help boost up defences further.

The royal seed pod and any charged dragonstone jewellery are capable of teleporting players to safety at level 30 Wilderness or below, and the former can be easily re-obtained. If players are teleblocked, however, the best course of action is to run west to the hobgoblins in the Bandit Camp mine and wait until Tele Block subsides. Moreover, switching to a fun weapon, auto-attacking a hobgoblin and then X-logging is another tactic to escape.

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