Killing Callisto

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Blood money 10000.png
The methods in this guide may involve considerable risk, including (but not limited to): loss of money/items, unstable prices, and/or slow GE resale.
Reason: Callisto is located in Wilderness, do not bring items you are not willing to lose
Killing Callisto

Combat level 90 (95+ Recommended)
Hitpoints 60 (90+ Recommended)
Strength 70 (90+ Recommended)
Attack 70 (90+ Recommended)
Defence 70 (90+ Recommended)

Monkey Madness II for Royal seed pod if you choose not to use an Amulet of Glory.
ProfitExperience gained
1,242,738Combat level 24,990 Hitpoints 8,330
Inputs (266,311)Outputs (1,509,049)
2 × Divine super strength potion(4).png Divine super strength potion(4) (5,598)2 × Divine super attack potion(4).png Divine super attack potion(4) (2,004)6 × Prayer potion(4).png Prayer potion(4) (55,578)5 × Stamina potion(4).png Stamina potion(4) (24,345)2 × Antidote++(4).png Antidote++(4) (2,806)150 × Shark.png Shark (147,900)60 × Cooked karambwan.png Cooked karambwan (28,080)45,289 × Coins 100.png Coins (45,289)430 × Chaos rune.png Chaos rune (22,802)381 × Mahogany logs.png Mahogany logs (129,653)323 × Death rune.png Death rune (69,532)224 × Blood rune.png Blood rune (72,352)193 × Soul rune.png Soul rune (28,613)159 × Cannonball.png Cannonball (30,189)78.44 × Supercompost.png Supercompost (32,633)75.55 × Magic logs.png Magic logs (75,705)56.67 × Dark fishing bait.png Dark fishing bait (340)33.5 × Red dragonhide.png Red dragonhide (78,122)22.89 × Uncut ruby.png Uncut ruby (29,983)19.89 × Big bones.png Big bones (2,506)19.33 × Coconut.png Coconut (23,140)18.33 × Limpwurt root.png Limpwurt root (12,814)14.6 × Dragon bones.png Dragon bones (27,083)12.16 × Dark crab.png Dark crab (15,954)12 × Grimy toadflax.png Grimy toadflax (30,708)11.44 × Uncut diamond.png Uncut diamond (31,219)4.56 × Super restore(4).png Super restore(4) (45,883)3.87 × Ranarr seed 5.png Ranarr seed (166,717)2.31 × Snapdragon seed 5.png Snapdragon seed (121,012)1.79 × Rune pickaxe.png Rune pickaxe (33,451)0.44 × Rune 2h sword.png Rune 2h sword (16,483)0.3 × Uncut dragonstone.png Uncut dragonstone (4,019)0.16 × Palm tree seed 5.png Palm tree seed (7,094)0.16 × Magic seed 5.png Magic seed (22,123)0.15 × Yew seed 5.png Yew seed (8,299)0.088 × Dragon 2h sword.png Dragon 2h sword (11,803)0.084 × Dragon pickaxe.png Dragon pickaxe (265,026)0.04 × Tyrannical ring.png Tyrannical ring (48,502)

The profit rate assumes 20 kills per hour. Your actual profits may be higher or lower depending on your speed and luck. -->

Callisto drops the Dragon pickaxe which is heavily sought after. At 1/171 it is a very attainable drop for its demanding price. The Dragon pickaxe is sold for around 3,155,071.

Callisto is also located in the Wilderness, which means you will have to look out for PKers and dying is a very real possibility which may cut into your profits. For these reasons, players seeking consistent profit often prefer to kill other bosses such as Zulrah or Vorkath.


See the Callisto article and the strategy guide for additional information.

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