Killing Lizardman Shamans (Canyon)

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Killing Lizardman Shaman in the Lizardman Canyon
RequirementsLizardman shaman (1).png
  • Ranged 75+
  • Prayer 70+ recommended
  • For recommended equipment and recommended inventory, see this page:
  • Lizardman shaman/Strategies
  • Quest
    Dwarf Cannon (for access to Dwarf Multicannon)

    100% Shayzien favour (Gives access to locations, armour)

    Kourend Hard Diaries (if on Slayer Task)
    ProfitExperience gained
    Inputs (892,320)Outputs (2,110,395)
    3 × Divine ranging potion(4).png Divine ranging potion(4) (6,573)12 × Prayer potion(4).png Prayer potion(4) (124,680)3 × Sea turtle.png Sea turtle (2,496)1.25 × Antidote++(4).png Antidote++(4) (2,971)3,000 × Zulrah's scales.png Zulrah's scales (585,000)600 × Adamant dart.png Adamant dart (15,600)1,000 × Cannonball.png Cannonball (155,000)6.48 × Rune med helm.png Rune med helm (72,012)6.12 × Earth battlestaff.png Earth battlestaff (54,933)6.12 × Mystic earth staff.png Mystic earth staff (153,086)5.76 × Rune warhammer.png Rune warhammer (140,181)4.32 × Rune chainbody.png Rune chainbody (127,259)3.6 × Red d'hide vambraces.png Red d'hide vambraces (6,394)630 × Air rune.png Air rune (3,150)450 × Chaos rune.png Chaos rune (33,300)225 × Death rune.png Death rune (37,125)630 × Fire rune.png Fire rune (3,150)162 × Coal.png Coal (25,920)234 × Iron ore.png Iron ore (33,228)11.52 × Runite ore.png Runite ore (129,761)12.65 × Grimy kwuarm.png Grimy kwuarm (18,539)10.13 × Grimy cadantine.png Grimy cadantine (16,505)10.13 × Grimy dwarf weed.png Grimy dwarf weed (7,676)3.04 × Grimy lantadyme.png Grimy lantadyme (4,061)0.43 × Ranarr seed.png Ranarr seed (13,406)0.4 × Snapdragon seed.png Snapdragon seed (19,828)0.4 × Torstol seed.png Torstol seed (10,436)0.29 × Watermelon seed.png Watermelon seed (4.61)0.26 × Mahogany seed.png Mahogany seed (589)0.26 × Maple seed.png Maple seed (3,662)180 × Teak seed.png Teak seed (10,620)0.26 × Yew seed.png Yew seed (12,214)0.22 × Papaya tree seed.png Papaya tree seed (413)0.17 × Magic seed.png Magic seed (15,400)0.14 × Palm tree seed.png Palm tree seed (4,884)0.086 × Dragonfruit tree seed.png Dragonfruit tree seed (13,901)0.058 × Celastrus seed.png Celastrus seed (4,554)0.058 × Redwood tree seed.png Redwood tree seed (1,621)76,858 × Coins.png Coins (76,858)164 × Lizardman fang.png Lizardman fang (2,954)0.036 × Dragon warhammer.png Dragon warhammer (1,052,770)

    The profit rate assumes 180 kills per hour. Your actual profits may be higher or lower depending on your speed and luck.

    Lizardman Shamans are Lizardmans that possess the ability to use a few special attacks. They are relatively quick to kill, have decent drops overall, and also the Dragon warhammer as a rare drop. Kills range between 25-30 seconds in the Lizardman Temple, Settlement, and Caves when on Slayer task. This puts the range at around 100-130 kills. The average Lizardman shaman kill is worth 12,363. Note that you may need to input more food in the Lizardmen Settlement-therefore it is recommended to primarily kill Lizardmen in the Temple or Caves. Excluding the dragon warhammer, the average kill is worth 6,515.00 Because of the rarity of the Dragon Warhammer, the full rate of Lizardman Shamans is inconsistent similar to Demonic Gorillas albeit to a much greater extent. On average, without the Dragon warhammer players will make around half as much gold per hour as they would with the drop. At 180 kills per hour one would need to kill Lizardman Shamans for approximately 27.77 hours to achieve the average profit per hour listed here.


    See the Lizardman Shaman article and the Lizardman shaman/Strategies for additional information.

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