Killing Vorkath

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Killing Vorkath
RequirementsFighting Vorkath.png

90+ RangedRanged icon.png, HitpointsHitpoints icon.png recommended
80+ AttackAttack icon.png, StrengthStrength icon.png, DefenceDefence icon.png recommended
75+ PrayerPrayer icon.png, MagicMagic icon.png recommended
Various others required for quests

Dragon Slayer II
200 quest points, Elite Fremennik Diary for Fremennik sea boots 4 for unlimited teleports to Rellekka (optional)
ProfitExperience gained
2,353,636~60,000 RangedRanged icon.png
~20,000 HitpointsHitpoints icon.png
Inputs (501,755)Outputs (2,855,391)
1,000 x Zulrah's scales.png: Inventory image of Zulrah's scalesZulrah's scales (181,000)
300 x Adamant dart.png: Inventory image of Adamant dartAdamant dart (36,600)
100 x Manta ray.png: Inventory image of Manta rayManta ray (121,700)
5 x Anti-venom+(4).png: Inventory image of Anti-venom+(4)Anti-venom+(4) (51,875)
5 x Ranging potion(4).png: Inventory image of Ranging potion(4)Ranging potion(4) (5,925)
5 x Super combat potion(4).png: Inventory image of Super combat potion(4)Super combat potion(4) (48,520)
5 x Super antifire potion(4).png: Inventory image of Super antifire potion(4)Super antifire potion(4) (56,135)
40 x Superior dragon bones.png: Inventory image of Superior dragon bonesSuperior dragon bones (448,160)
3.33 x Rune longsword.png: Inventory image of Rune longswordRune longsword (62,543)
3.33 x Rune kiteshield.png: Inventory image of Rune kiteshieldRune kiteshield (107,303)
0.53 x Dragon battleaxe.png: Inventory image of Dragon battleaxeDragon battleaxe (63,594)
0.53 x Dragon platelegs.png: Inventory image of Dragon platelegsDragon platelegs (85,954)
0.53 x Dragon plateskirt.png: Inventory image of Dragon plateskirtDragon plateskirt (85,955)
10.67 x Battlestaff.png: Inventory image of BattlestaffBattlestaff (88,256)
0.02 x Dragonbone necklace.png: Inventory image of Dragonbone necklaceDragonbone necklace (2,047)
1,320 x Chaos rune.png: Inventory image of Chaos runeChaos rune (129,360)
640 x Death rune.png: Inventory image of Death runeDeath rune (145,920)
36 x Wrath rune.png: Inventory image of Wrath runeWrath rune (15,228)
58.67 x Green dragonhide.png: Inventory image of Green dragonhideGreen dragonhide (90,171)
51.35 x Blue dragonhide.png: Inventory image of Blue dragonhideBlue dragonhide (95,775)
42.02 x Red dragonhide.png: Inventory image of Red dragonhideRed dragonhide (102,185)
37.35 x Black dragonhide.png: Inventory image of Black dragonhideBlack dragonhide (110,700)
10.97 x Onyx bolt tips.png: Inventory image of Onyx bolt tipsOnyx bolt tips (91,723)
70 x Rune dart tip.png: Inventory image of Rune dart tipRune dart tip (87,360)
48 x Dragon dart tip.png: Inventory image of Dragon dart tipDragon dart tip (162,288)
30 x Dragon arrowtips.png: Inventory image of Dragon arrowtipsDragon arrowtips (26,400)
37.35 x Adamantite ore.png: Inventory image of Adamantite oreAdamantite ore (50,121)
16 x Diamond.png: Inventory image of DiamondDiamond (31,600)
366.67 x Grapes.png: Inventory image of GrapesGrapes (43,633)
66.67 x Magic logs.png: Inventory image of Magic logsMagic logs (72,600)
2 x Dragonstone.png: Inventory image of DragonstoneDragonstone (24,156)
160 x Dragon bolts (unf).png: Inventory image of Dragon bolts (unf)Dragon bolts (unf) (221,120)
0.36 x Snapdragon seed.png: Inventory image of Snapdragon seedSnapdragon seed (18,634)
0.1 x Ranarr seed.png: Inventory image of Ranarr seedRanarr seed (4,021)
0.34 x Torstol seed.png: Inventory image of Torstol seedTorstol seed (16,284)
0.06 x Maple seed.png: Inventory image of Maple seedMaple seed (1,887)
0.03 x Palm tree seed.png: Inventory image of Palm tree seedPalm tree seed (1,163)
0.06 x Yew seed.png: Inventory image of Yew seedYew seed (4,546)
0.04 x Magic seed.png: Inventory image of Magic seedMagic seed (4,986)
0.02 x Dragonfruit tree seed.png: Inventory image of Dragonfruit tree seedDragonfruit tree seed (3,501)
0.01 x Celastrus seed.png: Inventory image of Celastrus seedCelastrus seed (1,009)
0.01 x Redwood tree seed.png: Inventory image of Redwood tree seedRedwood tree seed (394)
48 x Manta ray.png: Inventory image of Manta rayManta ray (58,416)
18.67 x Dragon bones.png: Inventory image of Dragon bonesDragon bones (46,685)
0.01 x Jar of decay.png: Inventory image of Jar of decayJar of decay (595)
0 x Draconic visage.png: Inventory image of Draconic visageDraconic visage (22,815)
0 x Skeletal visage.png: Inventory image of Skeletal visageSkeletal visage (146,809)
11,492.52 x Rare drop table.png: Inventory image of Rare drop tableRare drop table (11,493)
68,000 x Coins.png: Inventory image of CoinsCoins (68,000)

The profit rate assumes 20 kills per hour. Your actual profits may be higher or lower depending on your speed and luck.

Please note that the inputs assume the Bandos godsword/Dragon warhammer and Toxic blowpipe strategy, which leads to higher supply usage and generally less kills per hour than using a Dragon hunter crossbow or Dragon hunter lance.

Vorkath is a high-level boss available after completion of Dragon Slayer II. He is located on the island of Ungael, which is travelled to with a boat at the docks of Rellekka. Quickest means of transportation to there are Fremennik sea boots 4, Enchanted Lyre, and Rellekka teleport. Should the player die during the fight, Torfinn at the docks will offer to return any lost items for a fee of 100,000.

Right before the fight players should boost their stats with respective potions and weaken Vorkath's defence with Dragon warhammer's or Bandos godsword's special attack. Anti-venom+ and Extended super antifire provide vital protection against Vorkath's fiery and venomous attacks. After intervals of 7 attacks Vorkath will perform a special attack in the form of either spawning venom pools or a Zombified spawn. In case of venom pools players must either walk around the area and thus avoiding Vorkath's special dragonfire attack, which is able to kill the player within ticks. The "moonwalk" is also an option (refer to Vorkath/Strategies for details). The zombified spawn is disposed of with a single Crumble Undead. If not killed, it will deal heavy damage. Amongst normal attacks is a bombard attack, which is very distinctive. If not dodged by moving 2 tiles or more, it will deal deadly amounts of damage.

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