Killing Vorkath (Dragon hunter crossbow)

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Killing Vorkath using Dragon hunter crossbow
RequirementsFighting Vorkath.png
  • Ranged 90+ , Hitpoints recommended
  • Defence 80+ recommended
  • Prayer 74+ for Rigour recommended
  • Various others required for quests
  • Dragon hunter crossbow with appropriate ammo (Ruby dragon bolts (e) and Diamond dragon bolts (e))
  • Dragonfire ward
  • Elite void knight equipment with void ranger helm
  • Ava's assembler (or other Ava's device)
  • Salve amulet(ei)
  • Pegasian boots
  • Archers ring (i)
  • Food and potions
  • Quest
    Dragon Slayer II
    ProfitExperience gained
    3,143,167Ranged 108,000 Hitpoints 36,000
    Inputs (727,012)Outputs (3,870,179)
    100 × Ruby dragon bolts (e).png Ruby dragon bolts (e) (180,300)60 × Diamond dragon bolts (e).png Diamond dragon bolts (e) (111,780)100 × Manta ray.png Manta ray (100,200)15 × Super restore(4).png Super restore(4) (199,545)5 × Anti-venom+(4).png Anti-venom+(4) (59,905)3 × Divine bastion potion(4).png Divine bastion potion(4) (47,187)2.5 × Extended super antifire(4).png Extended super antifire(4) (28,095)60 × Superior dragon bones.png Superior dragon bones (660,600)5 × Rune longsword.png Rune longsword (93,120)5 × Rune kiteshield.png Rune kiteshield (159,730)0.8 × Dragon battleaxe.png Dragon battleaxe (95,282)0.8 × Dragon platelegs.png Dragon platelegs (128,938)0.8 × Dragon plateskirt.png Dragon plateskirt (128,942)16 × Battlestaff.png Battlestaff (124,384)0.03 × Dragonbone necklace.png Dragonbone necklace (3,867)1,980 × Chaos rune.png Chaos rune (148,500)960 × Death rune.png Death rune (158,400)54 × Wrath rune.png Wrath rune (12,744)88 × Green dragonhide.png Green dragonhide (117,392)77.03 × Blue dragonhide.png Blue dragonhide (132,031)63.03 × Red dragonhide.png Red dragonhide (142,941)56.02 × Black dragonhide.png Black dragonhide (178,207)16.46 × Onyx bolt tips.png Onyx bolt tips (135,922)105 × Rune dart tip.png Rune dart tip (73,080)72 × Dragon dart tip.png Dragon dart tip (196,344)45 × Dragon arrowtips.png Dragon arrowtips (116,505)56.02 × Adamantite ore.png Adamantite ore (69,356)24 × Diamond.png Diamond (40,416)550 × Grapes.png Grapes (13,200)100 × Magic logs.png Magic logs (107,200)3 × Dragonstone.png Dragonstone (34,185)240 × Dragon bolts (unf).png Dragon bolts (unf) (382,560)0.53 × Snapdragon seed.png Snapdragon seed (26,273)0.14 × Ranarr seed.png Ranarr seed (4,399)0.51 × Torstol seed.png Torstol seed (13,023)0.086 × Maple seed.png Maple seed (1,238)0.048 × Palm tree seed.png Palm tree seed (1,648)0.086 × Yew seed.png Yew seed (4,063)0.058 × Magic seed.png Magic seed (5,147)0.029 × Dragonfruit tree seed.png Dragonfruit tree seed (4,736)0.019 × Celastrus seed.png Celastrus seed (1,520)0.019 × Redwood tree seed.png Redwood tree seed (546)72 × Manta ray.png Manta ray (72,144)28 × Dragon bones.png Dragon bones (65,688)0.01 × Jar of decay.png Jar of decay (224)0.006 × Draconic visage.png Draconic visage (17,222)0.006 × Skeletal visage.png Skeletal visage (88,354)1 × Rare drop table.png Rare drop table (8,108)102,000 × Coins.png Coins (102,000)

    The listed profit rate assumes 30 kills per hour, but up to 33 is possible with maxed stats and gear. Your expected profit will vary depending on your kills per hour.

    For overall boss strategy, please see the strategy page for Vorkath.

    Due to the high accuracy of a Dragon hunter crossbow in combination with a Salve amulet and Void range, it is unnecessary and can even be an overall damage loss to use defence-lowering special attacks on Vorkath. Therefore, the only preparation required when beginning fights with the Dragon hunter crossbow is to ensure that Ruby dragon bolts(e) are equipped. However, an optional strategy worth noting to keep Hitpoints high and fully utilise resources is to use the special attack of a Toxic blowpipe during Vorkath's poison phases.

    You will want to Protect from Range, as the effects of the super antifire potion and anti-dragon shield/dragonfire ward will fully prevent dragonfire damage. You will still take some damage from magic, but it should be minimal. When Vorkath reaches 265 Hitpoints (35%), you should switch to Diamond dragon bolts(e).

    Due to the slow attack speed of the Dragon hunter crossbow, it is imperative that you stop attacking Vorkath immediately when he uses the special freeze attack on you, as the slow attack speed recovery can delay your Crumble Undead cast too much to prevent damage from the undead spawn.

    Lastly, after the end of each kill, you should look to restore your health and prayer and ensure that you re-equip your Ruby dragon bolts(e).

    You should expect a minimum of 4-6 kills per trip with 90+ combat stats, limited by inventory space, with more being possible with good luck. Because of the high number of kills per trip, leaving behind unnoted dragonhides and restarting a trip when full on bones is generally the accepted strategy to maximise profit. If looking to extend kills per trips beyond 6, consider bringing runes for High Level Alchemy.

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