Killing Zamorak monks

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Killing Monk of Zamoraks
RequirementsMonk of Zamorak (level 17).png
Ranged 40+ recommended, Defence 20+ if Dragon Slayer is not completed, Magic 37 to cast Falador Teleport/ Magic 33 to cast Telekinetic Grab
Dragon Slayer (Optional)
ProfitExperience gained
18,037.5Ranged 8,200
Hitpoints 2,800
Inputs (4,500)Outputs (22,537.5)
750 × Bronze arrow 5.png Bronze arrow (4,500)7.5 × Zamorak monk bottom.png Zamorak monk bottom (15,555)7.5 × Zamorak monk top.png Zamorak monk top (6,982.5)

The profit rate assumes 150 kills per hour. Your actual profits may be significantly higher or lower depending on your speed and luck.

In the Northwest-most point in Free-to-play lies the Chaos Temple (Asgarnia), a church to Zamorak. Fortunately, the Monk of Zamorak inside have pretty decent drops and aren't very hard to kill. Because a Chaos Altar lies in the Temple, you can use any prayers you have for as long as you want. This method simply involves traveling from Falador to the Temple and killing the Monks inside until you have a full inventory of loot, which you can then:

A: Walk back to Falador

B: Teleport back to Falador

Not being able to teleport isn't a big deal, but it saves time and feels cool. After getting to Falador, simply bank all your loot and run back to the Temple. Once you've had enough killing monks, just sell all the goods on the Grand Exchange for a decent profit!


With the 33 Magic required to cast it, Telekinetic Grab can net you a lot of extra profit by taking the Monk's Wine of zamoraks. Simply equip the Staff of Air and telegrab the wine on the table to the East. If you have 500 total level and are wearing the Zamorak Monk's Top and Bottom (which both are dropped by the Monks), you can also Telegrab the Wines upstairs. But be warned! Nearby Monks will become aggressive! Good thing you're here to kill them. This extra gp/hr is not included in the profit, but a better explanation on Telegrabbing Wines of Zamorak can be found on the Money making guide/Collecting wine of zamorak (free-to-play) page.

Happy hunting!

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