Killing brutal black dragons

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Killing brutal black dragons
RequirementsBrutal black dragon.png

77 SlayerSlayer icon.png
37+ PrayerPrayer icon.png (Protect from Magic)
45 ConstructionConstruction icon.png (Chapel with at least Oak altar)
85+ RangedRanged icon.png recommended

ProfitExperience gained
806,093.0750,400 RangedRanged icon.png
16,758 HitpointsHitpoints icon.png
Inputs (282,932)Outputs (1,089,025.07)
250 × Diamond bolts 5.png Diamond bolts (e) (76,250)7 × Lizardman fang.png Lizardman fang (126)7 × Teleport to house.png Teleport to house (3,983)7 × Extended antifire(1).png Extended antifire(1) (931)7 × Divine ranging potion(3).png Divine ranging potion(3) (26,712)17.5 × Prayer potion(4).png Prayer potion(4) (174,930)80 × Black dragonhide.png Black dragonhide (246,640)40 × Dragon bones.png Dragon bones (89,680)0.078 × Dragon platelegs.png Dragon platelegs (12,598.44)0.078 × Dragon plateskirt.png Dragon plateskirt (12,596.56)0.078 × Dragon spear.png Dragon spear (2,944.92)0.078 × Uncut dragonstone.png Uncut dragonstone (1,067.11)3.13 × Rune hasta.png Rune hasta (36,971.88)3.13 × Rune spear.png Rune spear (37,190.63)1.56 × Rune longsword.png Rune longsword (29,240.63)0.31 × Dragon longsword.png Dragon longsword (18,526.25)0.31 × Dragon dagger.png Dragon dagger (5,465.31)125 × Rune javelin.png Rune javelin (21,625)125 × Blood rune.png Blood rune (41,875)125 × Soul rune.png Soul rune (18,250)164.11 × Death rune.png Death rune (33,971.55)164.11 × Law rune.png Law rune (32,166.3)164.11 × Rune arrow 5.png Rune arrow (13,621.44)31.25 × Rune dart.png Rune dart (33,625)15.63 × Rune knife.png Rune knife (4,437.5)18.75 × Rune thrownaxe.png Rune thrownaxe (3,768.75)6.25 × Lava scale.png Lava scale (18,087.5)37.51 × Dragon dart tip.png Dragon dart tip (108,654.48)25 × Dragon javelin heads 5.png Dragon javelin heads (24,375) Only after completion of Monkey Madness II25 × Dragon arrowtips.png Dragon arrowtips (16,500)1.88 × Runite ore.png Runite ore (20,422.5)2.19 × Rune platelegs.png Rune platelegs (82,827.13)3.75 × Rune full helm.png Rune full helm (77,468.35)0.63 × Black d'hide body.png Black d'hide body (4,656.25)0.31 × Black d'hide vamb.png Black d'hide vamb (768.75)0.31 × Rune platebody.png Rune platebody (12,037.19)0.31 × Dragon med helm.png Dragon med helm (18,446.88)2,877.1 × Coins 100.png Coins (2,877.1)0.63 × Rare drop table.png Rare drop table (5,117.55)0.94 × Gem drop table.png Gem drop table (524.13)

The profit rate assumes 40 kills per hour. Your actual profits may be higher or lower depending on your speed and luck. At maximum efficiency, it is possible to obtain 70-75 kills per hour.

Brutal black dragons may be found in the Catacombs of Kourend. Average drop from them is worth 27,564.64 It is recommended to bring 2-3 Prayer potions (depending on Prayer level), a divine ranging potion and an extended antifire. Protect from Magic should always be activated, or death is certain due to their extremely powerful magical attacks as well as dragonfire. Together, Protect from Magic and Antifire nullify all damage from a distance, but players need to make sure that both are on simultaneously. Melee damage is still highly damaging, so players should be careful if picking up loot while next to an attacking dragon.

Depending on setup, skills and inventory space, players can expect around 40 dragons worth of loot an hour while using Dragon hunter crossbow results in approximately 857,798.59 profit. Players should always restore prayer at Player-owned house or at Clan Wars and teleport back using Xeric's talisman.

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