Killing dark wizards

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Killing dark wizards
RequirementsDark wizard.png
Combat level 41+ recommended
Ranged 40+ recommended
Any shortbow, green dragonhide armour
ProfitExperience gained
20,438Combat level 9,600 Hitpoints 3,200
Inputs (4,450)Outputs (24,888)
800 × Iron arrow.png Iron arrow (2,400)50 × Trout.png Trout (2,050)4.69 × Black robe.png Black robe (4,392)9.38 × Wizard hat.png Wizard hat (2,719)43.75 × Nature rune.png Nature rune (8,444)4.69 × Law rune.png Law rune (619)3.13 × Cosmic rune.png Cosmic rune (359)46.88 × Chaos rune.png Chaos rune (3,234)328 × Earth rune.png Earth rune (1,641)1.56 × Fire talisman.png Fire talisman (3,480)

There are 11 dark wizard spawns to the south of Varrock, with 6 of them at combat level 7 and 5 of them at combat level 20. Killing only or mainly the level 7's will result in 150-320 kills per hour depending on kill speed. The dark wizards have 12 and 24 Hitpoints respectively and drop runes, robes, talismans, and coins. The runes should always be picked up because they're stackable, and the talismans, black robes, and wizard hats are worth grabbing if you have inventory room, as the west Varrock bank is within quick banking distance. All combat styles will work against the wizards, but Ranged will allow for the most kills per hour as the player can spend less time between kills.

Warning: Dark wizards are aggressive towards any player under level 41 and can hit for 6 damage regularly against players with low magic defence.

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