Killing demonic gorillas

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Killing demonic gorillas
RequirementsDemonic gorilla.png
  • Strength 80+
  • Attack 75+ , Defence , Ranged
  • Prayer 43+
  • Slayer 69+
  • Weapons: Arclight, Toxic Blowpipe for ranged switch
  • Armour: Barrows equipment or better
  • Food & Potions: Sharks, Divine super combat potions, Prayer potions, Divine ranging potions
  • Quest
    Monkey Madness II completed
    King's Ransom to use Piety
    Black demon slayer task to enable usage of Arclight and a Slayer helm (recommended)
    ProfitExperience gained
    2,500,763Combat level 81,700 Hitpoints 25,708 Slayer 20,425
    Inputs (381,865)Outputs (2,882,628)
    3 × Divine super combat potion(4).png Divine super combat potion(4) (42,498)3 × Divine ranging potion(4).png Divine ranging potion(4) (6,597)8 × Prayer potion(4).png Prayer potion(4) (83,120)30 × Shark.png Shark (23,100)800 × Zulrah's scales.png Zulrah's scales (159,200)150 × Amethyst dart.png Amethyst dart (67,350)0.17 × Zenyte shard.png Zenyte shard (1,936,623)0.1 × Ballista limbs.png Ballista limbs (2,930)0.1 × Ballista spring.png Ballista spring (2,921)0.067 × Light frame.png Light frame (1,963)0.033 × Heavy frame.png Heavy frame (8,118)0.033 × Monkey tail.png Monkey tail (8,194)219 × Death rune.png Death rune (36,094)219 × Law rune.png Law rune (27,344)125 × Rune javelin heads.png Rune javelin heads (80,750)313 × Runite bolts.png Runite bolts (80,625)4.5 × Runite bar.png Runite bar (55,985)12 × Adamantite bar.png Adamantite bar (23,064)6 × Watermelon seed.png Watermelon seed (96)0.44 × Torstol seed.png Torstol seed (11,334)0.4 × Teak seed.png Teak seed (23.6)0.6 × Ranarr seed.png Ranarr seed (18,327)0.4 × Willow seed.png Willow seed (117)0.14 × Papaya tree seed.png Papaya tree seed (279)0.2 × Palm tree seed.png Palm tree seed (6,867)0.56 × Snapdragon seed.png Snapdragon seed (27,533)0.36 × Yew seed.png Yew seed (16,923)0.36 × Mahogany seed.png Mahogany seed (832)0.36 × Maple seed.png Maple seed (5,156)0.24 × Magic seed.png Magic seed (21,431)4.5 × Grimy cadantine.png Grimy cadantine (7,462)5.62 × Grimy kwuarm.png Grimy kwuarm (8,268)4.5 × Grimy dwarf weed.png Grimy dwarf weed (3,438)3.38 × Grimy lantadyme.png Grimy lantadyme (4,507)2.5 × Saradomin brew(2).png Saradomin brew(2) (13,183)8.5 × Diamond.png Diamond (14,314)2,500 × Javelin shaft.png Javelin shaft (2,500)1 × Dragon scimitar.png Dragon scimitar (59,799)2 × Rune chainbody.png Rune chainbody (58,950)3.5 × Rune platelegs.png Rune platelegs (132,377)3.5 × Rune plateskirt.png Rune plateskirt (132,678)75 × Dragon javelin heads.png Dragon javelin heads (71,625)

    The profit rate assumes 50 kills per hour. Your actual profits may be higher or lower depending on your speed and luck.

    Demonic Gorillas drop zenyte shards, required to create powerful zenyte jewellery. Zenyte shards are the large majority of profit from demonic gorillas. With the shards dropping at a rate of 1/300, demonic gorillas are an inconsistent money maker, despite the shards being valued at 11,619,741 coins.

    The average demonic gorilla kill is worth 58,747 coins. While average profit per hour may be high, actual profit per hour depends greatly on whether zenyte shards are received. If the player does not receive a shard, the average kill is worth only 20,014 coins and the baseline profit is much lower at about 426,808 coins per hour. These rates assume decent gear and recommended stats. However, it is possible to achieve 60+ kill per hour when on a Slayer task with sufficient Arclight charges. As zenyte drops are rare and optimal rates require a slayer task, players seeking consistent profit often prefer to kill other bosses such as Zulrah or Vorkath.

    For strategies, see Demonic gorilla/Strategies.

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